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Camping at Samuel P. Taylor

TGIF! A small part of me wishes I had girlfriends coming over for a sleep over in my living room, gossip sesh (boys, boys, boys!), and to eat popcorn while watching honest-to-goodness TGIF shows all night. I miss being 10. At least now wine is involved in my gossip sessions get togethers. One of my favorite things from my younger years is making a comeback as of late: camping! And yes, lots of wine was involved.

Early last month, I stayed overnight at a picnic ground in a tent with a bunch of friends, but I don’t really count it as camping because there wasn’t a fire pit (probably a good thing with all of the alcohol consumed..), and we were only there for like 12 hours. However, THIS camping trip a few weeks ago was full-fledged camping. We stayed at the Samuel P. Taylor State Park in some seriously adorb cabins. Okay, maybe halfway between camping and glamping. The cabins had two sets of bunk beds, with one being a full-sized mattress and the other three being twins. Obviously I called dibs on the top bunk. They could easily accommodate 6 people and come with outlets! An electric fire stove inside! Mattresses! The campsite had a fire ring, barbecue, and a large picnic table. The bathrooms were clean and offered coin-operated showers.

Below are some highlights from my time in Lagunitas, CA:


Yes, Samuel P. Taylor DOES rock!

We hiked along the Devil’s Gulch Trail which follows the Lagunitas/Papermill Creek.

We ate some seriously scrumptious camp food. Chili, Fritos, and cheese, add avocado and hotdog. YUM!20130709-142820.jpg

I discovered that Rafiki had been to our campsite when I spotted a Simba drawing on our fire ring.


Spotted a weird sign.


I built a pretty badass fire.20130709-143007.jpg

We created a veggie pouch to grill some onions, zukes (my fave!), and yellow squash on the grill.


I happen to think it looks like a huge fish..

On our last day, we drove to Point Reyes Station for coffee, where I spotted this gem of a book. 20130709-143032.jpg

It was a lovely camping trip over three days and two nights. Would I go back? Absolutely! I can’t wait to bring friends back to hike and visit the quaint towns in the area. I’m looking forward to discovering more fun places to explore in the great outdoors!

Here’s a flashback to my camping trip last year: En Fuego Lives On.


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