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Friday Five

I think that Fried Chicken Friday should become a thing. I’m still drooling over my meal from last week.. sigh. Alright, you know the drill!Friday Five | @innatsshoes1.As my trip to the Caribbean nears, I’ll be honing my travel photography skills using these tips.

2. This recipe has everything I could want: Peanut butter, check. Chocolate, check. No-bake? Oh, hell yes!

3. Introverted but love to travel? You’re not alone! I love this article on how introverts can manage stress and anxiety while traveling.

4. I am one of the biggest s’mores lovers I know. This is the perfect way to get your fix when it’s hot out, no campfire or oven required!

5. I consider myself very lucky to live in the Bay Area. Case and point: being in close proximity to these 6 landmarks. And I can attest to the gorgeous views of the SF skyline from Angel Island.

Cheers to the weekend!


Weekend Escape: Little River’s Andiron

Mike Mike Mike…Mike what day is it Mike? Click here if you have no idea what that is referring to. It’s Wednesday, y’all. Two more workdays til the weekend. And a mini Prague reunion at Oktoberfest by the Bay in San Francisco!

Some lovely things have happened recently–

  • Booked my Eurostar ticket from London to Paris! Now, all transportation bookings are complete! Unless I make a side trip..
  • I figured out what neighborhood/area to look to stay in London, thanks to the fabulous Mrs. O. She recommended anywhere in the West End. I happily set forth searching!
  • Once I narrowed down which neighborhood to stay in, I perused various house listing sites (think Airbnb, VRBO, Go With Oh!, etc.) for days. I was thrilled actually found a reasonably-priced place in London’s West End on Airbnb!
  • Thanks to the lovely ladies at The Lazy Travelers, who confirmed that my NYC neighborhood picks were acceptable, I now know which streets to stay around (errr.. below? I’m new.) and which to stay away from when booking an apartment for that leg of the trip. NYC is the final accommodation I have to book!

Speaking of accommodations… Over Labor Day weekend, I headed up to Mendocino for a little r&r before a crazy work week/weekend. After lots of back and forth-ing between options, we decided to stay at the Andiron Seaside Inn & Cabins in Little River, CA, just a short drive from Mendocino. It was a perfect accommodation choice for us! Here’s why I’m glad we stayed at the Andiron:  Read the rest of this entry

Camping at Samuel P. Taylor

TGIF! A small part of me wishes I had girlfriends coming over for a sleep over in my living room, gossip sesh (boys, boys, boys!), and to eat popcorn while watching honest-to-goodness TGIF shows all night. I miss being 10. At least now wine is involved in my gossip sessions get togethers. One of my favorite things from my younger years is making a comeback as of late: camping! And yes, lots of wine was involved.

Read the rest of this entry