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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Friday Five


Cooling off with ice cream is another option.

 1. Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been 7,000 degrees in Napa and I’ve been looking for ways to cool off. So clearly, Joy has shared this recipe with me in mind. Right?

2. A girl after my own heart, Ms. Karla shows just how easy it is to make macarons from scratch. Meaning, I now have no excuse not to try for myself.

3. I’m so excited that this is coming to my neck of the woods! Test kitchens?! Food parties?! And perhaps classes?! Heaven.

4. With 30 just a few years away, I’m loving these 15 travel ideas/locations to do before 30.

5. I’m absolutely dying reading this list of signs you’re from the bay area. Seriously though, numbers 1-12, 19 & 20, 23-28, 31 and 40 are very, very real.