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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Friday Five

1. With all of this chatter surrounding #DressGate, I wanted to give my two cents. I honestly thought it was white and gold, but then, this morning it changed colors on me as I looked at the picture. I don’t even know what is real anymore? Is this real life?

2. Mega thanks to my friend Almendra for showing me that these rolling pins exist. I’m closing in on becoming a full-fledged cat lady, guys.

3. 10 Things Successful Women Do Every Day. All kinds of yes! But to be honest, I know some men who could benefit from this, too…

4. Because Jessica will never cease to amaze me. Nor will I ever stop being obsessed with every recipe she shares. Like this recipe using cauliflower, bacon, and pasta. I die.

5. The romantic and the wino are heading my way soon AND going to South Africa with Mrs. O (AND those ladies are volunteering while in SA)?! I can’t even describe my jealousy right now. But you can help their cause by making a donation of any size here! It’s for the kids!


Easy, Cheesy Emmi Swiss Fondue

Can we chat about the Oscars this past weekend? I actually watched them this year! NPH was being showtunesy and adorable. The speeches! Oh, how inspiring the speeches were. And, of course, Emma Stone continued to be her cute little self.

I must admit, that I have never gotten into awards shows. Not even for the fashion. Borderline blasphemous, I know. If they’re on, great!, but usually I’m at home in pjs reading or baking or sleeping. However, if someone is throwing a viewing party (read: lots of food + booze) I get much more excited. Luckily, there was a small shindig happening in the neighborhood and I was practically forced to attend. Never one to attend a party empty-handed, I was scheming about grazing-friendly foods to contribute. Then I remembered that I’d received some samples to test out.

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Friday Five


1. I was spoiled with wine, chocolates, gorgeous pink roses (above), a tasty dinner and absolutely, positively drenched in love this Valentine’s Day. Feeling so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family in my life!

2. This post on how to choose to be happier. We can all improve this aspect of our lives!

3. My obsession with beets has only increased after drooling over reading this recipe. And there’s farro!? I need to make it right now!

4. Veggie fried rice is my absolute favorite thing to eat when ordering Chinese take-out. This version is enough to make me try it from scratch!

5. With Karla from Foodologie traveling around Thailand, my biffel Kortni heading to Iceland, Mrs. O recently in Prague and The Lazy Travelers alluding to planning a trip to some undisclosed wine region via their instagram (an official announcement is promised soon..), my wanderlust is about to explode inside of me. Time to start searching for some brand new destinations and airfare, no?

How did you spend the long weekend/Valentine’s Day? I hope it was filled with bubbles, noshing on chocolate and just doing you. Do you have travel plans? Where will you be jetting off to? I’d love some inspiration!


Friday Five

This last week has been one hell of a roller coaster, but none-the-less a HUGE blessing in disguise. Thank goodness for wonderful and honest friends, caring family, and bubbles. Lots of bubbles. It’s the silver linings, no? Onward, with our second Friday Five post of ever the year!


1. My absolute favorite thing to by at Trader Joe’s are brightly colored spider mums. They live for weeks (swear) and cost $4. Very few things can bring me as much happiness for $4.

2. Yesterday, I celebrated three whole years with you! errr.. Three years of sharing my adventures with you!

3. How, despite never having cooked salmon, I want to make thisthis, this, this and this. Who am I?! 

4. My gramma (of chicken and dumplin’s fame) shipped me my Christmas present late and told me it was now a New Year/Valentine’s Day present. Guys, the girl who has never cooked a steak in her life just got a giiiinormousss shipment of Omaha Steaks. Fire up the broiler.

5. The fact that I don’t even watch Downton Abbey but I’m excited about this. Probably mostly for the afternoon tea..

What things bring you happiness when life rains on your parade? Please say bubbles and flowers, too! xx Nat

Three Years of Adventuring

Loves! Today, we are celebrating three years worth of In Natalie’s Shoes!

Some of you have been around since the first post I ever shared with you dear readers (clearly it was going to be about food). Starting out, I’m pretty sure that my wonderful Aunt Donna was my first reader. Yay for family support! But now, I have a whole slew of you who check in on what I’m cooking and where I’m traveling to on my Twitter, Instagram, and good ol’ WordPress. You guys are the. best. ever. Thank you for making me laugh, feel welcome, always giving me useful tips for my adventures.

I have a few thoughts on In Natalie’s Shoes turning 3:

  • I’m so grateful for continuing to meet some of you IRL (I’m looking at you, Jessicathe romantic and the hubs & Mr. and Mrs. O!), arranging cross-country cookie swaps with others (Allie, Karla, Amber, Jazzy & Coco) and chatting with everyone else I consider my internet friends!
  • Even though I’m still balancing blogging with real life (work) and social life, I continue to strive to be better at it. I hope you’re as excited as I am about my brand new Friday Five series, where we can catch up each week.
  • Recently, I was reminiscing on my post for last year’s birthday/anniversary/celebration. I’m still loving that people continue to like going on adventures in the kitchen with me. I feel that the excerpt below is still true today and love that you guys still love me, regardless!

Because I’m not a professional food/travel/craft blogger, and that means nothing turns out perfectly, recipes aren’t followed to a tee and that I am 100% using my iPhone camera for all of the photos I take. This blog is a hobby and I truly appreciate everyone for understanding that.

  • I’d like to think I’m a better (iPhone) photographer, than I was in my earliest posts. I’d also like to think I’ve honed my skills at selecting better and fewer photos, rather than overwhelming you lovely readers. However, I think the trade-off is that I talk more. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.. Either way, I’ll continue to try to improve. So adult-like.
  • Oh, and I have a little surprise for you all in the works. A new look, a giveaway, some partnerships and a few little secrets will be shared soon. Keep an eye out!


P.S. I’m dyyyying to tell you all about some recent adventures and all of the ones in the future. Okay, that was dramatic. But it’s true.

Cheers, friends! xx Nat

Friday Five

New year, new things. Sometimes, I just want to share some of my thoughts and favorite things/sites/posts/ideas/places with you guys. Let’s start with five things on Fridays, ya? Okay, cool.


1. Kortni’s visit was absolutely amazing. We drank way too much wine, ate way too much food and laughed way too hard. Over-indulgence with your best friend is wonderful.

2. I was just talking about my gramma’s chicken and dumplin’s (she’s Southern and I type like I talk) and then this recipe was featured on How Sweet It Is. Now I just want to make it every day.

3. I’ve been out of college for a while few years and feel like this still applies to me.

4. Joy the Baker made homemade cat treats and I cannot wait to see how Betsey and Marvin like them. Worst case, Leon gets them.

5. I don’t even like onions but how beautiful is this explanation of each variety on Illustrated Bites?!

How was that for a go? I had fun. I’m thinking this is an every week thing.. thoughts? What are you reading/posting/eating/wanderlusting about?