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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Friday Five

I think that Fried Chicken Friday should become a thing. I’m still drooling over my meal from last week.. sigh. Alright, you know the drill!Friday Five | @innatsshoes1.As my trip to the Caribbean nears, I’ll be honing my travel photography skills using these tips.

2. This recipe has everything I could want: Peanut butter, check. Chocolate, check. No-bake? Oh, hell yes!

3. Introverted but love to travel? You’re not alone! I love this article on how introverts can manage stress and anxiety while traveling.

4. I am one of the biggest s’mores lovers I know. This is the perfect way to get your fix when it’s hot out, no campfire or oven required!

5. I consider myself very lucky to live in the Bay Area. Case and point: being in close proximity to these 6 landmarks. And I can attest to the gorgeous views of the SF skyline from Angel Island.

Cheers to the weekend!


Getting Ready for Summer Travel

Summer is practically here and I am beyond excited for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean! I’ve been researching island traditions, culture and travel tips. We’ve narrowed down our list of places to check out to 3.5 islands: 1 US Territory, 1 US Virgin Island, 1 British Virgin Island and a half-day trip to a “must see” on every traveler list I read. I’ve also been doing some shopping (bikinis! beach hats! rompers!) and mentally preparing for packing. Catching some rays (safely!) has also been high on my preparation list because my skin is ghostly and don’t want to burn to a crisp in the Caribbean sun. Snow White here needs her base tan!

Getting Ready for Summer Travel | @innatsshoes  Read the rest of this entry