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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Friday Five

Caramel bits, chocolate chips, Heath Bar, white chocolate chips. Diggity donezo.

1. I made trashed up brownies over the weekend that were killer. Just take a box mix of brownies (and accompanying ingredients) throw in whatever leftover candy/mix-ins you have, bake according to the directions on the box. Debate smothering in peanut butter. Realize that’s a bit outlandish. Enjoy 5 in a single sitting. You’re welcome.

2. Hearing that the maple syrup-guzzling, mustache ride-giving, cat game-playing guys are (almost) back made my week. Here’s to hoping they left Farva out of the trunk.. Click here to help make it happen!

3. I was recently introduced to Bronze Radio Return. I can’t. get. enough. What else should I be listening to!?

4.  If I could tell you what I want, what I really, really want, it would be that this Spice Girls rumor is true. Because flatforms and crop tops are currently back in style, so why not!?

5. I’ve managed to sate my wanderlust with booking two trips over the next few months! I’ll finally be making that trip I had to cancel two years ago and then I’ll be making a return trip to one of my favorite places to disappear to. Can’t wait!


Friday Five

1. I was asked if I’ve ever made any gluten-free baked goods by a friend who knows my love of baking. I blurted out “not intentionally” before realizing she was being serious. And then I saw this recipe for a gluten-free lemon poke cake.. in a slow cooker! OMG. A perfect use for some homegrown lemons..

2. Joy (of Joy the Baker fame) is a baking angel, a baking lifesaver, if you will. Check out her post on How to Read a Recipe (something we can all learn from) and How to Be a Better Baker, because truly, anyone can bake with effort and the right mindset. #truth

3. Beaches. Elephants. Food. Temples. Angkor Ruins. Karla over at Foodologie went to Thailand and now it’s all I can think about. Fresh coconuts for breakfast?!

4. While karaoke has always held a place in my heart, the lip-syncing battles Jimmy Fallon has had on his show slay me. But now this show is coming out!? OMG I can’t wait until April 2nd!

5. I’ve not been shy about my obsession with the Czech Republic and Prague, specifically. This list not only furthers my obsession, it makes me want to go back asap! Oh, that sweet, sweet Czech beer!

Let Me Upgrade You: Lucky Charms Treats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who are Irish or want to be Irish! Will you be partaking in festivities? I haven’t decided that yet.. But since it’s a holiday and all, I wanted to share something tasty and fun that fits with Irish luck. But you can make this recipe any time of the year and not go wrong. Trust. 

I should probably warn you that this was one of my better upgrades. Like dangerously better. Anyone who has tried them loves these treats. They’re so easy to make, I usually just spout off the recipe. But now I’ll share it with you, little loves!

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Friday Five

The last week has been absolutely filled with inspiration and wanderlust! But first, let’s chat Friday Five, ya?

1. I met up with Christina of Currently Exploring for lunch in her new home base of SF. Then the ladies of The Lazy Travelers, their respective hubses and Gerard and Kieu of GQ Trippin ventured up to Napa for dinner (and lots of wine). Chatting with these world travelers definitely encouraged me to start dreaming about and planning for where I’m off to next.

2. OMG. After seeing that this stunning inn reopened, visiting the Berkshires is a new addition to my to-do list!

3. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I love handbags. But, umm.. Would you buy one of these luxury handbag made from food industry byproducts? Not quite sure how I feel about it, but my initial response is that it is kinda resourceful.

4. Filed under other ways to distract you at work, have you seen the Disney princess rap battle!? Oh. Heck. Yes! Or even better, this other mashup from our childhood.. Wait for it.. Dinosaurs synced to Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’. Earl Sinclair rapping Biggie Smalls?! I died.

5. Erin at The World Wanderer posted about her birthday celebration in NOLA and visiting the Big Easy is all I can think about. My last trip was way too long ago and Erin’s pictures are making me nostalgic…

Do you have any fun plans, little loves? Going on amazing road trips like Christina? Or heading to a gorgeous South African wine country like the romantic and wino? Or are you virtually traveling, as I did through Erin’s pictures in her post? My feelings of wanderlust are about to explode! xx Nat

Friday Five

Because, San Francisco is so California. (We love burritos).

1. The fabulous ladies at The Lazy Travelers are heading to San Francisco this weekendPerhaps they’ll see Burrit(o) Street? Even more exciting than that is they’re coming to Napa! I’ll finally get to meet the wino and Gerard & Kieu of G&Q Trippin!! We’re meeting up for food and booze, because obviously.

2. Heading to Napa yourself? Check out this list compiled by Yahoo! Travel. Lots of local favorites are included, like La Luna Market & Taqueria (Speaking of burritos, theirs will change your life. Serious), plus personal favorites I’ve shared with you guys like Thomas Keller’s Younvtille gardens and V. Sattui Winery also make the list!

3. I’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong my. entire. life. Apparently, this is how to make perfect scrambled eggs.

4. This Miso Noodle Bowls With Tofu and Mushrooms is everything I want in my life right now. But I’d take out the mushrooms, naturally.

5. Umm… The Girls Scouts have really outdone themselves with this incredible news! Can we get Samoa-flavored too?