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Friday Five

Happy Friday! My plans include reinacting this picture (from my recent and short trip to Tortola) during my few remaining days in Puerto Rico. Be sure to follow along on my Instagram! I hope your weekend is equally relaxing! 😘

1. Recipe Girl has come to our rescue with these tasty appetizer options that are great for parties!

2. How gorgeous are these photos Zuleika took on her recent trip south of the border? Now I want to visit!

3. Amy’s take on Overnight Oats sounds absolutely amazing! Plus, it’s peach season! 

4. Don’t want to do Big Ben again? Check out these 12 alternatives things Dom & Claire recommend to do while in London.

5. Too hot to bake dessert? These frozen pies will do the trick. 

Friday Five

A quick Friday five before my Caribbean getaway! 

1. The wino spent 24 hours in this adorable New York town, and now I want to go, too. Such is life.

2. As usual, Jessica slays in the food gift department. I cannot wait to make these for Christmas gifts!

3. Even though I’m a local, I don’t have all of the best Napa Valley happy hours memorized. I tend to stick to the ones I know! I’m forever grateful for this updated Napa Valley happy hour list, which makes all of our lives a little easier.

4. I cannot even get over these muffins. I need them all in my life right. now.

5. Christina went to this charming Tennessee town and now I am figuring out how I can go. Great walking, Southern charm, and a foodie haven!? Count me in.

P.S. Are you following my Caribbean travels on Instagram and Twitter!? 

Getting Ready for a Caribbean Getaway

Guys. July has flown by! I’m still wrapping my brain around the fact I leave for the Caribbean in less than a week.

My pre-travel to-do list is still being chipped away at, but most of the important tasks have been completed. Updated passport for my stint in the British Virgin Islands? Check. Eye mask, neck pillow and ZzzQuil (love it so far!) for sleeping on my red-eye flight? Check. All of the mosquito repelling things to keep me Zika virus-free? Check. Discovering a schedule of happy hours for two of my destinations? Check. (See here and here.) Bring on the Painkillers! The cocktail, no pills!

Getting Ready for a Caribbean Getaway | @innatsshoes

Really hoping this ZzzQuil helps me sleep on my flight!

But the biggest thing on my to-do list is to pack! As my trip gets closer, the pile of clothes to pack continues to grow. This is not a great thing considering I’m going to have to cut out many cute summer dresses in the name of packing in a carry-on for my trip! Luckily, my destination boasts a very even-keeled climate, where the average high during my stay will be 85 F practically all the time.

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Friday Five

I believe food heals and I tend to try to bake things better, both for myself and others. Sending positive vibes into the world for any and everyone who needs them today. Friday Five | @innatsshoes

1. As I continue to frequent hiking trails more often, this breakdown of Bay Area trails will be of help. Duration, permits needed, pros and cons, congestion level and more is listed!

2. Chicken fried what!? I’m excited to try this recipe that will be a bit healthier that chicken fried steak.

3. Loving that this cult favorite of 90s kids everywhere is making a comeback.. for adults!?

4. This announcement is not official yet, but certainly encouraging! Can’t wait to get to Cuba.

5. Since it continues to heat up this summer, I’m looking forward to trying David’s delish (and easy!) frozen yogurt recipe, perhaps in popsicle form.

Sending you lots of kind thoughts and virtual hugs, Nat.

Friday Five

Happy long weekend! Do you have any plans for the Fourth? I’ll be sitting poolside, gimlet in hand, sending gratitude to our founding fathers for declaring us independent from mother Britain. But also slightly bummed that afternoon tea, British accents, and gap year didn’t stick in American culture following our divorce. Can’t win them all.

Friday Five | @innatsshoes

Celebratory Purple Basil Gimlet

Let’s get on with a slightly patriotic Friday Five, shall we? 

1. I’m a big fan of “poke” cakes. They’re very American. This patriotic one takes the.. cake? (Sorry, not sorry.) I’m drooling.

2. With less than half the year left, I’m day dreaming of visiting all the places on this list of destinations to visit in 2016! 

3. Crescent rolls aren’t only for the holidays! Loving these crescent roll upgrades featuring hacks for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

4. Karla made this breakfast staple without having to fry anything. Then she shared it with us. She rocks!

5. This is probably the most important/American study I’ve ever read. I now know which ice cream offers both the highest cookie dough-to-ice cream ratio.

Friday Five

I think that Fried Chicken Friday should become a thing. I’m still drooling over my meal from last week.. sigh. Alright, you know the drill!Friday Five | @innatsshoes1.As my trip to the Caribbean nears, I’ll be honing my travel photography skills using these tips.

2. This recipe has everything I could want: Peanut butter, check. Chocolate, check. No-bake? Oh, hell yes!

3. Introverted but love to travel? You’re not alone! I love this article on how introverts can manage stress and anxiety while traveling.

4. I am one of the biggest s’mores lovers I know. This is the perfect way to get your fix when it’s hot out, no campfire or oven required!

5. I consider myself very lucky to live in the Bay Area. Case and point: being in close proximity to these 6 landmarks. And I can attest to the gorgeous views of the SF skyline from Angel Island.

Cheers to the weekend!

Getting Ready for Summer Travel

Summer is practically here and I am beyond excited for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean! I’ve been researching island traditions, culture and travel tips. We’ve narrowed down our list of places to check out to 3.5 islands: 1 US Territory, 1 US Virgin Island, 1 British Virgin Island and a half-day trip to a “must see” on every traveler list I read. I’ve also been doing some shopping (bikinis! beach hats! rompers!) and mentally preparing for packing. Catching some rays (safely!) has also been high on my preparation list because my skin is ghostly and don’t want to burn to a crisp in the Caribbean sun. Snow White here needs her base tan!

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