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Friday Five

Oh, Friday! Another week, another joyous celebration of the incoming weekend. I’m back in west Tennessee right now, but my wanderlust already has me dreaming of new destinations. Have any fun travel plans coming up?

1.I’ll be heading out to Puerto Rico this summer and I’m already eyeing Erin’s food and drink recommendations! Do you have any to add?

2. Complete with ricotta, prosciutto and a few other tasty bits, this tartine sounds like an amazing appetizer at your next party! However, I’m thinking it sounds like the perfect dinner for one..

3. Remembering that one time the romantic and the hubs were packing for their RTW trip and still feeling envious about their trip. And a little mad I wasn’t invited.

4. A no-bake chocolate torte recipe that’s also vegan!? Okay, I’ll admit I’m very curious!

5. Heading on a long flight? Peak these things to make it a little easier. Number five though!

Playing Tourist: A Napa Valley Picnic

It’s been a while since I’ve played tourist in my hometown of Napa. The weather has been a bit more consistent and warm, so I’ve been itching to get outside. As usually happens with my life, I’m either booked up on the weekends or need a really, really good reason to get outdoors.

Enter UncommonGoods, a Brooklyn-based company specializing in unique items for your home, gifts, or yourself. I was invited to check out their extensive kitchen + bar tools section and pick my top favorites to try out. As someone who works at a nonprofit, I was absolutely swooning when I learned they’re a founding B Corp, which means they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. How could I say no?  Read the rest of this entry

Friday Five

Happy Earth Day and happy Friday! Are you as overjoyed that it’s Friday as I am? Tonight, my bestie Charise is heading to visit all weekend long. I cannot wait! Do you have anything fun planned?

 1. Speaking of wanting to get out in nature, this post by Csaba and Bea of Our Wanders on great hiking spots in northern California make me want to explore my backyard a bit more!

2. My darling friend Kortni has been updating her recent home purchase DIY-style on. her. own. I absolutely love following along on her adventures, here.

3. After reading Silvia’s post on 7 ways Norway isn’t as expensive as one might think, I’m itching to get to Norway!

4. This Ricotta cheesecake? I die.

5. And this recipe for ramen noodle pork tacos from Andrew at Cook In Dine Out?! Dominique Ansel had better watch his back.



Friday Five

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday! I’m looking forward to a weekend of delicious food, sleeping in, and lots of pajama time. What are you up to this weekend? 1. We all have expectations of our travel destinations, don’t we? I was dying scrolling through this list comparing expectation to reality for 10 destinations across the world. Can you relate?

2. My news feed constantly has quick food videos featuring tips or tricks for tasty recipes. Usually, I pass them by. But this one dish slowcooker recipe sounds amazing!

3. The lazy travelers went on a luxe vacation to the French Riveria… with a baby!? See how they kept it extra luxe and extra lazy here.

4. Recently spotted on the FoodGawker Insta feed: these delicious looking chocolate toffee bars.

5. Loving this list of tips for packing for a weekend trip! Now to use these tips in real life…

1, 2, 3 Cookies: Chocolate White Chip Cranberry

It’s been an interesting couple of months weather-wise here in Napa Valley. Highs in the 90s one day and hail storms on others. Is it winter? Is it spring? Sprinter?

When it’s hot out, I want nothing to do with the kitchen. I want a big fresh salad and a glass of sauv blanc on the patio, please. But on days with clouds or rain, I want to be cozy in the kitchen, baking something tasty. And thankfully, it doesn’t have to be anything terribly difficult. I usually just create a new version of my favorite 1, 2, 3 Cookies, like I did here.

Read the rest of this entry

Friday Five

This past week has been one giant, fun blur. I was quite happy to bake with some friends to tone down all of the zipping around I’d been doing. Between catching up on sleep and Easter brunch on Sunday, I’m excited to wear my stretchy pants all. weekend. long. #adulting But now, let’s catch up with some awesome Friday Five tidbits!

 1. Holy moly! These bars only have 7 ingredients and sound absolutely to die for.

2. Looking for a gorgeous coastal drive to catch a sunset? 7×7 has the list of best drives, here.

3. Need to add some baking basics under your belt? Joy has got us covered with this series.

4. Party favors, birthday gifts or just because presents, this DIY foodie gift will have all of your recipients singing your praises.

5. I’ve always wanted to teach English abroad as a means to learn about culture while being able to travel. Apparently, it’s super easy to get a teaching job here!

Friday Five

I’m a firm believer that the Friday after Daylight Savings requires happy hour. Is anyone else feeling the need for a cocktail after losing an hour of sleep? Ugh.

Five o’clock can’t come soon enough. Let’s Friday Five to carry us through.1.OMG. Martha proves she always knows best with this recipe. I want to eat a pie cake right this second.

2. I’ve never wished I was a hiker more than I do after seeing these photos. However, a month of hiking seems like a bit much for me.

3. A lux weekend in Bourdeaux complete with wine and cooking classes? Mrs. O sure knows how to travel. Sign me up!

4. I literally cannot even with these peanut butter chocolate ganache cookies. CAN’T EVEN.

5. Is your phone always dying? Would you like to stop that from happening? Head over to the Lazy Travelers to check out their recent style spotter and enter to win a FREE portable power bank!


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