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Friday Five

1. Last week’s trip to the coast was absolutely everything I needed! I ate amazing food, sipped delicious cocktails, listened to some.. interesting.. karaoke, wandered around a castle, and even spotted elephant seals! Which, by the way, are so big! The males put on quite a show for us by play-fighting. Maybe that was for the ladies, but I’m keen on believing they knew I was watching.

2. Umm.. this Tinder-esque app for recipe hoarders lovers is amazing!

3. I’m fairly certain my love for both avocado and burrata will allow me to overlook the tomatoes on Jessica’s recipe. And just look at how pretty it is!

4. Because, sometimes, I can’t keep the cats out of my mind, check out these adorable kittens attacking sheets. Made. My. Day.

5. Erin at The World Wanderer shared a lovely post which features her thoughts on #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou, along with a few other bloggers’. I’ve never wanted to go to Africa more than I do now!

Where are you traveling to in the last weeks of summer?

Let Me Upgrade You: Milky Way Rice Krispies Treats

Hi loves! I’ve missed you. Life has been all over the place– mostly due to fun and amazing things happening– forcing me to write less and put some fun projects on hold. They’re still in the works, but just pushed back a little longer. As promised, I have heaps of things to share with you. Let’s start with tasty things, shall we?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe. I swear I’m not a recipe hoarder (however, when it comes to purses and shoes, I can’t really comment..), but I’ve got quite the stockpile of delicious food things that I can’t wait to share with you any longer!

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Friday Five

Happy Friday! I’m headed to the California coast for a long weekend.. I cannot wait to soak up some beach time in the sun (safely, of course!). Do you have plans for the weekend?


Looking forward to a lot of this..

1. One of my absolute favorite Napa Valley restaurants got a new chef recently. After this interview, I can’t wait to try!

2. This amazing new way to season cast iron skillets has me questioning what other life changing tricks I need to know about…

3. Looking for a cheap one-way flight to Europe? Check this out.. Even the return flights aren’t as pricey as other airliners!

4. What could be better than chocolate, pretzels, and bacon? Having them in stick  form for easier scarfing.

5. Loving these for quick and easy styles while traveling this summer!

Friday Five

After my unintentional leave of absence during birthday month, I’m struggling to get back into the rhythm of writing. I really didn’t mean to leave you! Life has been so overwhelmingly slammed with lovely– but unexpected– adventures. Let’s jump back into Friday Five with a giant iced caramel macchiato, because it’s Friday and we all could use some fun links with a little caffeine love. 

1. Karla made us this amazing (and healthy) coffee cake because she, just like the rest of us, needs dessert. This is why we love her.

2. Tips on saving money when booking flights, just in time for summer!

3. Everyone’s favorite lazy travelers, Ashley and Carolyn, joined the always fabulous Mrs. O for some voluntourism while in South Africa. Guys, it’s travel + helping others. #winning

4. Because Jessica knows the way to my heart, she made this amazing, trashed up, no-churn, blizzardy goodness recipe. Swoon.

5. Can we discuss how I am still so jealous of David getting a super special tour of the Le Creuset factory? Like, how special is he?

Friday Five


Cooling off with ice cream is another option.

 1. Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been 7,000 degrees in Napa and I’ve been looking for ways to cool off. So clearly, Joy has shared this recipe with me in mind. Right?

2. A girl after my own heart, Ms. Karla shows just how easy it is to make macarons from scratch. Meaning, I now have no excuse not to try for myself.

3. I’m so excited that this is coming to my neck of the woods! Test kitchens?! Food parties?! And perhaps classes?! Heaven.

4. With 30 just a few years away, I’m loving these 15 travel ideas/locations to do before 30.

5. I’m absolutely dying reading this list of signs you’re from the bay area. Seriously though, numbers 1-12, 19 & 20, 23-28, 31 and 40 are very, very real.

Friday Five

 1. In my opinion, the only reason to run is to be able to eat whatever you want. I also believe that running should always be followed by lots of wine– so, I ran the Wicked Wine Run with some friends last weekend. Can you tell I’m an 80s baby?

2. As a mega lover of cats, this video made my week. Seriously, just try not to smile!

3. Pink, angel food cake, and sprinkles? This recipe from Sweetapolita has my name written all over it.

4. Um, news of this bar opening in SF gives me the perfect excuse to take a trip to the city soon! Someone meet me there, please!

5. I can’t even with this cake recipe from Joy the Baker. It’s like she knows I’m obsessed with Oreos.

Friday Five

Cheers to spring and it being Friday! 

1. Fresh flowers make me really, really happy. I typically buy mums from Trader Joe’s because they last compared to other flowers but after reading this (maybe) super scientific test, I might try out the winning method on a different variety of flower!

2. I absolutely love pasta. This flavorful and light pasta dish sounds so tasty and easy that I can’t wait to make it!

3. Having been to the Clevelander for some tasty beverages during my trip to Miami a while back, I can attest that it has a pretty sweet pool scene. I’m itching to get to these other fab pools on Christina’s ultimate Miami pool guide.

4. So, I make s’more brownies, which are always a hit. But have you tried s’more cookies?! This recipe courtesy of Jen from Carlsbad Cravings sounds so tasty!

5. It’s been a dream of mine to live abroad again one day. I’m fascinated by the stories these women share of their jump to life in a different country!


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