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Getting Ready for WeHo

I’m a fan of Thursdays. They’re the last official work day before Friday. We all know Fridays don’t count as official work days. Sure, the first half of Friday you’re working, but come 1 pm, we’re all thinking about which happy hour we’re going to, or which movie we’re renting from Redbox and what we’re ordering in. Am I right? Duh. Fridays are practically weekend days.

I’m really, really excited about next week and next weekend for two reasons. One, this girl gets to go to San Francisco for a work training during the week (hello super fresh clam chowder, excellent beer–SF Beer Week!, and the joy of being the city by the bay!) where I plan on trying new-to-me restaurants in the City as well has hopefully being able to attend some Beer Week events. The training and my accommodations are in Fisherman’s Wharf, an extremely touristy area, so I’ll be searching for some non-touristy restaurants to stuff my face at. Obvi I’ll report back if anything fabulous turns up. And second, I’ll be flying to Los Angeles to visit Em for a long weekend (thanks, George Washington). Between Em and the interwebs, I’ve been snagging ideas for what to do on my adventure to SoCal.

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Pasta with Sausage and Globe Tomatoes

Happy Wednesday! I love mini weeks. Partially because it means a shorter work week, but mostly because it means I can play more over the weekend.

Three very important things:

  • I don’t think I’ll ever stop going to 80s-themed parties. Yep, that happened this weekend. Also, food for thought: when do we get to start having 90s-themed parties? I really wanna rock my chola bangs, baby tees, and those hideous single strap, chunky wedges. And butterfly clips. And any of these things. Cue the “She could be a farmer in those clothes” references.
  • There weren’t any correct guesses as to my next big trip. I’m going to go ahead and call the romantic and the wino from The Lazy Travelers the winners because not only did they guess the correct coast (it was 50/50..), but their guess (NYC) is somewhere I plan on visiting asap! FYI the correct answer was Miami! BTW I need tips and tricks and things to avoid. Also, I’ll stop with the acronyms for now. Oh! Ladies, did you want baked goods?
  • After I was soliciting those aforementioned guesses, I booked a trip that actually comes before the Miami trip.. I’m going to the City of Angels in a few short weeks to visit the lovely Emily in WeHo (that’s short for West Hollywood, in case you were wondering) for an extended weekend! I couldn’t be more excited for a few days of fun in the sun and potential washed up/crazy/hot celebrity sightings. Anyone have fun ideas for us?

So, before we get started with this recipe, I have to admit something. There isn’t a cliché cute presentation photo because.. well, because I started digging in before I could take one. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed. I really couldn’t help it.


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