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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Friday Five

This past week has been one giant, fun blur. I was quite happy to bake with some friends to tone down all of the zipping around I’d been doing. Between catching up on sleep and Easter brunch on Sunday, I’m excited to wear my stretchy pants all. weekend. long. #adulting But now, let’s catch up with some awesome Friday Five tidbits!

 1. Holy moly! These bars only have 7 ingredients and sound absolutely to die for.

2. Looking for a gorgeous coastal drive to catch a sunset? 7×7 has the list of best drives, here.

3. Need to add some baking basics under your belt? Joy has got us covered with this series.

4. Party favors, birthday gifts or just because presents, this DIY foodie gift will have all of your recipients singing your praises.

5. I’ve always wanted to teach English abroad as a means to learn about culture while being able to travel. Apparently, it’s super easy to get a teaching job here!


Friday Five

I’m a firm believer that the Friday after Daylight Savings requires happy hour. Is anyone else feeling the need for a cocktail after losing an hour of sleep? Ugh.

Five o’clock can’t come soon enough. Let’s Friday Five to carry us through.1.OMG. Martha proves she always knows best with this recipe. I want to eat a pie cake right this second.

2. I’ve never wished I was a hiker more than I do after seeing these photos. However, a month of hiking seems like a bit much for me.

3. A lux weekend in Bourdeaux complete with wine and cooking classes? Mrs. O sure knows how to travel. Sign me up!

4. I literally cannot even with these peanut butter chocolate ganache cookies. CAN’T EVEN.

5. Is your phone always dying? Would you like to stop that from happening? Head over to the Lazy Travelers to check out their recent style spotter and enter to win a FREE portable power bank!

Friday Five

We’re finally getting more rain in California and I couldn’t be more excited! However, my productivity has severely decreased because of it. When it starts raining, all I want to do is be curled up in my bed, wearing my comfy clothes, drinking something warm and watching something good. I just got thrown into House of Cards (at season 4, terrible idea), so that would work for me. Any other recommendations?

But I digress. It’s the end of the week, so let’s Friday Five!

A Model Bakery English muffin and tea sounds like heaven right now.

 1.Congrats to one of my favorite Napa Valley restaurants on making this list of the 25 Best Wine Lists in America, compiled by The Daily Meal! Very much looking forward to my next meal and wine pairing there.

2. This recipe for pork undon noodle stir fry? Drooling over here.

3. It feels as though when we travel, we leave a piece of our heart in each neighborhood, city, or country we visit. Erin shares how Rishikesh captured her heart so quickly, in her recent post.

4. If you’re anything like me and have a bunch of corks around the house, check this DIY list out. Or, you know, use it as an excuse to drink more wine.

5. Sally’s Vanilla Almond Snack Bars have me drooling over here. Sweet, salty and made without grains or refined sugars? Sold.