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Friday Five

Oh happy, happy Friday! I’m still recovering from my ridiculously fast visit with Kortni, where I we paraded up and down the Napa Valley and visited many wineries and restaurants in just one day. Since it’s still so fresh in my mind, today’s Friday Five is very Napa Valley-heavy.


The most gorgeous lemon tree at Inglenook in Rutherford.

 1.Every Napa Valley native has their list of must-dos and must-visits for tourists. I’m particularly fond of this list, as it mentions some personal favorites and new-to-me locations!

2. Because I’ve still yet to try my hand making salmon, but this recipe makes it sound easy enough.

3. I’ve been quite lucky to meet Napa Valley artist Penelope and view her work firsthand. This interview on her style, technique (painting the flavors of the wine as she’s tasting it) and inspiration is absolutely wonderful.

4. A fascinating article on the new normal in French cuisine in Paris. I’ll always miss the food from my trip to Paris..

5. I love every single bar on this list and I regularly recommend them to friends and tourists. Which is your favorite downtown Napa bar?


NapaQuake 2014

The last few days have been a very interesting living in Napa! Most of you have heard by now that we just had a 6.0 earthquake on Sunday morning at approximately 3:30 am. For most people, living in the Bay Area– or even California as a whole– means expecting a few earthquakes now and again. I’ve experienced so few in my 20-something years of living here, that I almost forget to remember we’re prone to earthquakes. I was alive but very young for the 1989 Loma Prieta quake that devastated many parts in the Bay Area. I don’t remember much, but my parents have told me stories about that day. My dad was on his way to the ’89 Battle of the Bay World Series in San Francisco (San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics). My lovely mom and aunt Donna were taking a toddler-aged me shopping. I was also here during the 2000 earthquake in Napa, when my aunt Donna and her Brit hubby were visiting. I remember a picture frame falling next to me and waking me up. The damage to Napa was significant but we rebuilt. Earlier this month, a small earthquake 3.2 rattled me awake but after a short while, I was able to fall back asleep.

Sunday, August 24th was much different. Chef and I awoke at the start of the quake, forcing us to endure many minutes of shaking when it was really only seconds. Moments after the quake stopped, we heard neighbors shrieking to turn off the gas, sirens blaring down our street, and dogs barking incessantly. I realized that this was going to be pretty big.

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Playing Tourist: A FREE Napa Valley Experience

As a Napa Valley native, I know that eating and drinking are two of the top reasons people from around the world flock to the place I call home. When people think of the Napa Valley it’s usually something like: World class wines! Michelin-starred restaurants! Celebrity sightings! But these things can add up at the end of the day. And what about when you’re not eating, drinking and searching for celebs? I know, although rare, such times do exist in the Napa Valley.

Well, guys, I’ve got a fun and free Napa Valley experience for you. Oh yes. Free. And not like some crappy Cracker Jack toy. 


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2013 Birthday Week Recap!

It’s always such a sad day when birthday week is over. Last year, I celebrated birthday month, and left the good ol’ Napa Valley for some Tahoe time. But I just don’t think that’s going to happen this year. So, rather than be super bummed that I can no longer pull my trump card to […]