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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Chico Eats: Hula’s Chinese B-B-Q

Chances are that if I were to ask you what comes to mind when I mention Chico, CA, you’d probably give a laugh and mention something about its party school reputation, if you’d heard of it at all. While I hate to break it to you that it was only voted the number one party school once (in 1987) by Playboy Magazine, there’s something even more fantastic in Chico than what constitutes the party school atmosphere. It isn’t the lovely tree-lined streets, nor abundance of parks. It has nothing to do with the multitude of friendly faces greeting you at every turn. It’s a Mongolian barbecue restaurant, and its name is Hula’s.

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I Left My Heart (at Brunch) in San Francisco

My close friend from college, Kortni, was visiting San Francisco from her current city of Portland. While her boyfriend was busy recording songs with his friend, we decided to meet up  for a day of brunch, shopping, and catching up. I did a little bit of Yelp research, and stumbled upon the delicious sounding (and well reviewed) Brickhouse Cafe in SOMA. Read the rest of this entry

Napa Eats: Bouchon Bistro

My friend Jeff and I have made it custom to catch up over dinner or dessert when he is visiting home. This past occasion, we went to Bouchon Bistro in Yountville. While I’ve been to the bakery for a sweet fix, I’ve never been in the restaurant for dinner or dessert. Jeff ordered two orders of Bouchon’s famed profiteroles (yes, two orders), and I was trying to mop up the drool pouring down my chin after the server mentioned a special of the evening: Le Bouchon.

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Passover In Bed

I’m not Jewish. I get to pretend to be during Christmastime when my family celebrates the age-old tradition of Christmukkah with our second-family-like neighbors. I eat potato latkes with the best of them. And I spin one mean dreidel. It’s a tradition I enjoy and always end up learning something about a culture I didn’t grow up in. This past weekend, I was able to sort-of partake in another Jewish tradtion: Passover.

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Garlic Chicken Puffs

I’m finally getting around to posting the second appetizer I made for Alice’s baby shower (you can find the first one here and a craft I made for the party here) a few weeks ago! Before I write about the other delicious recipe I made for Alice’s baby shower, I have to confess something: I found it on Pinterest. Now, that seems innocent and common enough, right? But here’s the thing: I find myself not caring for Pinterest too much anymore. The Pinterest I loved was the one I was invited to by my friend Stephanie about 8 months ago. The site was not flooded with spam nor businesses pushing their baloney (news articles, advertisements, etc.), just helpful people sharing cool DIY crafts, recipes, and fashion ideas. Bummer. Anyway, back to the recipe at hand: Garlic Chicken Puffs.

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A Friendly Piece of Advice..


I’m pretty sure new moms *hate* receiving unsolicited advice. I’ve even seen onesies with “My mommy doesn’t want your advice” cheerfully printed on them. I doubt such a onesie has stopped an experienced mother from unloading wisdom and amazing tips that saved their lives.

That being said, one of the ideas I had to make the shower special for Alice and Payton, when she’s old enough to care, was to create an advice book. I found the idea on LearnVest here. I didn’t want it to be filled with obnoxious “advice” like “don’t let her sleep with you, she’ll never learn to sleep in her own bed” or “don’t let her suck her fingers, she’ll end up with teeth like Austin Powers”. Anyway, I wanted it to be advice from the women in their lives (most of which lack the actual experience of having a baby and/or managing a relationship), that will give them something to look back on as Payton grows up and Alice and Clinton have to figure out what to with her and their own relationship. I feel like this will be better received than “tape a quarter to my child’s belly button so they’ll have an innie,” (obviously a nickel just won’t do). Read the rest of this entry

NYC Eats: Zlatá Praha

Svíčková. I know you’re thinking, “Ummm what the heck is that?” But svíčková (pronounced svitchkova) is a fabulous dish I discovered during my study abroad stint in the Czech Republic, so I don’t expect you to know what it is. According to Wikipedia, it is marinated beef sirloin. All I remember it as, is a couple of slabs of meat, smothered in a delicious gravy, topped with a lemon slice, cranberry jelly, and whipped cream, served alongside knedlíky (dumplings). During our group’s travels, our friend Nic coined the phrase “I’ve got the itch for the svitch,” whenever he was craving his favorite Czech dish. After reading how The Romantic and The Wino are trying to win a trip to Prague via their blog, I discovered it hard to recover from the wave of nostalgia I felt. I miss it so much! I also miss the food and beer! Speaking of fabulous Czech food, I went to a great Czech restaurant over summer in Queens, NY. If you’re in the area, you should check out Zlatá Praha. They even have hard to find Czech liquors and beers (on tap!!). Below is a picture (I took it at Zlatá Praha during my trip to NYC) of what you can expect should you order svíčková at a Czech restaurant.

Got the Itch for the Svíč.. Svíčková, That Is. | @innatsshoes

I’m pretty sure it’s a law that you have to pair it with a Czech beer.

Update: During my trip to NYC in December 2013, I was beyond bummed to learn that Zlatá Praha had closed. I was heartbroken that I wasn’t going to take my parents there for dinner. Na zdraví and na shledanou to that delightful little slice of the Czech Republic in the States.