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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Friday Five

Oh happy, happy Friday! I’m still recovering from my ridiculously fast visit with Kortni, where I we paraded up and down the Napa Valley and visited many wineries and restaurants in just one day. Since it’s still so fresh in my mind, today’s Friday Five is very Napa Valley-heavy.


The most gorgeous lemon tree at Inglenook in Rutherford.

 1.Every Napa Valley native has their list of must-dos and must-visits for tourists. I’m particularly fond of this list, as it mentions some personal favorites and new-to-me locations!

2. Because I’ve still yet to try my hand making salmon, but this recipe makes it sound easy enough.

3. I’ve been quite lucky to meet Napa Valley artist Penelope and view her work firsthand. This interview on her style, technique (painting the flavors of the wine as she’s tasting it) and inspiration is absolutely wonderful.

4. A fascinating article on the new normal in French cuisine in Paris. I’ll always miss the food from my trip to Paris..

5. I love every single bar on this list and I regularly recommend them to friends and tourists. Which is your favorite downtown Napa bar?


Friday Five

HAPPY FRIDAY! How does it always seem that shorter weeks are so. much. more. swamped/painful/stressful than regular weeks?

The end to this week is going to be so much better than normal. Why? Because my favorite Portland-er (..-ite? -ian?) is hopping on a plane to come play in Napa for the weekend! Yes, recently married Kortni will be frolicking up and down the valley with me and also causing my somewhat successful Dry February to be slightly less successful.

I can’t wait.1. Speaking of drinking wine all weekend.. Millennials drank the equivalent of 42% of the total volume of wine consumed last year,  I don’t know about you, but I was not surprised by the findings in this wine study.

2. Know a crazy cat lady? Here’s what to get me her if you’re searching for a perfect gift.

3. Loving this guide to traveling solo. Already scheming up a getaway.

4. Want to cook without the mess? Try some of these one-skillet recipes!

5. Because all cake should be dark and dreamy! Loving this recipe.

Friday Five

Happy first Friday of February! Can you believe the Super Bowl is this weekend and then we get a three-day weekend the following week!? All of this happy news is cause for celebration.

Let’s Friday Five!  1. Despite recently eating the most glorious salmon dish at Napa’s The Pear Southern Bistro (above), I know I need to reign in my post holiday eating. Sally makes getting my chocolate fix easy (and more healthy) with her skinny double chocolate chip muffins.

2. I know, I know. Will I ever shut up about the benefits of studying abroad? The answer is no. Check out how it can make you a better leader in your adult life.

3. And, big surprise!, cheese is an addicting drug. I’m just happy I have an excuse now..

4. Do any Francophiles have a strong opinion one way or the other on this potentially divisive idea? Having only been to Paris once, I’m still trying to figure out the arrondissements..

5. Loving the 10 Hottest Restaurants in Napa on Zagat! Only have 3 to go (after I get my holiday weight off, of course) to finish the list.