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Friday Five

Have you noticed? The mornings have been crisp and staying darker longer over the past week. Autumn, both in general and while in Napa Valley, is my absolute favorite time of year. Leaves and vineyards are changing colors, a warm beverage is absolutely necessary in the morning, and the urge to bake everything apple flavored is strong. I’ve been trying to be more present during my favorite season, to notice more of my favorite things about this wonderful time of year, in hopes that time will slow down and allow me to savor it a little longer. And yes, I’ll enjoy an extra Spiced Apple Chai this weekend, kthanks.

Now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we?

1.I cannot wait to make this overnight breakfast recipe from Chels, now that it’s officially fall (please! like I really need an excuse!).

2. Speaking of fall, I’ve been straight up ogling these fall weekend trips, perfectly suited for fall! I can say that the three I’ve been to were amazing. Plus, the ladies at the Lazy Travelers have detailed a few of the locations on their site, too, so I’m thinking the list is legit.

3. I’ve had sushi cones and heard of sushi burritos. But this is a new one! Would you try it?

4. I suppose Maine has never been high up on my wanderlist because I’ve never heard much about it. After reading Erin’s trip to Rockland here, it’s inching up the list!

5. Ever since my Jalapeño Popper Dip, I’ve been itching to use jalapeños more frequently in my cooking. Enter this delicious sounding recipe from Sommer!


Friday Five

Well, y’all, we finally made it to AUTUMN! I am so excited and can’t stop sharing it. What are you baking this weekend?!

It’s actually supposed to be a million degrees (give or take) in Napa this weekend, which means my baking will likely be delayed. Unless it cools off at night. Then I’ll bake the crap out of all the things. We’ll see.Friday Five | @innatsshoes1. I was trying to replicate a recipe for a coconut macaroon I had the pleasure of devouring a few weeks ago and searched Pinterest for the recipe. While this recipe (my version in the photo above) wasn’t like the one I ate, it was so easy and turned out soooooo tasty!

2. Oooohhh! Another fancy Japanese restaurant is coming to Napa! Excited to see what this one brings.

3. OMG. So there was a #lazyreunion in Portugal (during high season!) and I cannot get over how heavenly their trip looks! The Lazy Travelers continue to blow up my wanderlist. The. End.

4. Autumn is hands down my favorite season. Food! Cozy sweaters! Baking! Chilly nights! Apples! I’m loving this compilation of things to do in Sonoma County, so I don’t have to drive all the way to Apple Hill every time I want an apple-centric experience.

5. Continuing on that thought… how amazing do these cookies sound? I absolutely love macadamia nuts. Browned butter? Yes please.


Friday Five

Oh, we made it through the week! We certainly deserve a cocktail in celebration, don’t we?

1.If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should), you know I’m a big fan of both Manhattans (up, please) and Old Fashioneds with bourbon. No rye for this girl. This update on an Old Fashioned adds peach and orange flowers!! I can’t wait to try.

2. Cassoulet is one of my absolute favorite French dishes. Thanks to this 7×7 article, I can now replicate the tasty version from SF’s oldest French bistro, Le Central Bistro.

3. Despite laughing through this entire list of things that happen while wine tasting, I can’t help but nod my head in agreement with just about all of them. We’ve all been there, ya?

4. I’m always looking for plants that I can keep alive for longer than a month. Thanks to Sunset’s awesome cactus styling video, now I can look like I know what I’m doing!

5. Summer is coming to a close, but I’m still itching to get a few of these done when I head up to Tahoe later this month!

How are you prepping for the end of summer / beginning of autumn? I can’t wait to start baking!

Cheesy Chipotle Jalapeño Popper Dip

Did you all enjoy the weekend? Mine was packed with work, volunteering, family, and kitchen time, but was heaps of fun. Plus, I had a special task I was able to successfully (and deliciously) complete!

Cheesy Chipotle Jalapeño Popper Dip | @innatsshoes

Enter a caption

Last week, I received a surprise package from the cheese gods at Sartori, thanks to #Foodiechats. My mission was to create a dish using one or more of the cheese Sartori sent me that would be perfect for game day.  Read the rest of this entry

Friday Five

Oh man. It’s been a hell of a week. Very much looking forward to enjoying a cocktail or five over this long weekend coming up. Is it 5 PM yet?

Below are some of my favorite finds from the past week. Enjoy!Friday Five | @innatsshoes

1. Having been to Plzeň in the Czech Republic during my studies abroad, I can absolutely attest to everyone needing to visit. I’m loving Randi and Michaels’s recommendations for a day trip to this quaint town, which also happens to produce the most tasty beer!

2. Bourbon lovers rejoice! Here’s a super easy bourbon vanilla ice cream recipe, no churning required!

3. Pinrose Scents now makes candles!? Where have I been? I feel like I need this one in my life.

4. Mrs. O had a girls’ weekend In Marbella, Spain and *spoiler alert* her trip featured the most luxurious accommodations I’ve seen in a while! Plus, that paella!?

5. I’ll admit, I originally wanted to read about making a better cup of coffee when I clicked OXO’s article.. But now all I want is one of those cute coffee makers in the main image!