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Mavi Guesthouse

Hello, Thursday. I kinda like you. Mostly because tomorrow’s Friday. But, still, you’re alright. Yesterday, I participated in my first #TRAVEX chat on Twitter. Can anyone give me any good excuses as to why I’ve not taken part before? It was so cool reading everyone’s responses to questions with the theme “making the most of a trip”. Sigh. I need a trip asap. Coachella and Miami can’t come soon enough for this girl with a serious case of wanderlust at the moment.

It is so hard to believe that it’s been two and  half years since Mel and I were in Istanbul. I don’t like that. Just thinking about it makes me want pack a backpack, say peace out to my responsibilities, and jet over to one of my favorite cities in the world (so far). Apparently, there is a down side to having a full-time job, adorable gatos, and other adult things. Gross.

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Fit for a Princess: Castles in France

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got travel on the brain lately. Perhaps it’s due to following the romantic and the hubs’ round the world travels on The Lazy Travelers. Or maybe it’s because Leah keeps posting ridiculously awesome photos of Paris on her Insta. Sigh. I’m still counting down the months ’til Paris (nine, if you’re keeping track, too).

Back in May, a family friend, Carol, went to France with her husband. She had such a fabulous time traveling all over the country. I’ve been thinking about making a few day trips or weekend excursions to the areas outside of Paris (our home base during the trip), and gladly welcomed her advice for places in the Loire Valley. Even though my trip to The City of Light isn’t until December, I decided to try to quell my excessive day dreaming by writing about the top three castles  Carol recommended I visit while in France.

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Memories of Prague: I Arrived

It’s crazy for me to think that two years ago August 27th, I was boarding a plane to the Czech Republic. Two years ago this week, I met some of the most amazing people who I am still lucky enough to call close friends, despite being geographically distant, who came from all over the world to embark on a study abroad adventure beginning in Prague. I was able to travel all over Europe with them and once we were back in our respective homelands, all over America with them.

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