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Friday Five

 1. In my opinion, the only reason to run is to be able to eat whatever you want. I also believe that running should always be followed by lots of wine– so, I ran the Wicked Wine Run with some friends last weekend. Can you tell I’m an 80s baby?

2. As a mega lover of cats, this video made my week. Seriously, just try not to smile!

3. Pink, angel food cake, and sprinkles? This recipe from Sweetapolita has my name written all over it.

4. Um, news of this bar opening in SF gives me the perfect excuse to take a trip to the city soon! Someone meet me there, please!

5. I can’t even with this cake recipe from Joy the Baker. It’s like she knows I’m obsessed with Oreos.


SF Eats: Two Days of Eating My Way Through San Francisco

Though it’s only an hour away, I always feel that I don’t get to San Francisco enough. It’s such a fun city to wander around. It also happens to be superb for people watching and meeting. Plus all of the amazing food and cocktail options? Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet place that I’d love to get to know a lot better.

Early last month, I headed to San Francisco for a work conference and was forced to stay overnight in the city for  two nights. Right off Union Square. At a Kimpton Hotel. With a free rooftop happy hour that was killer. How horrible, I know. 

I had an absolutely amazing time during my stay meeting up with a San Francisco-based blogger you may know, catching some sweet views and, as to be expected, eating and drinking my way through San Francisco. Now, I will pass along my knowledge, for your next trip to SF!

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Friday Five

Has this week been weird for anyone else? Not good, not bad, just weird? Let’s distract ourselves with another edition of Friday Five. Because it’s too early to drink and we’ve got to distract ourselves somehow..

1. It’s no secret I love Trader Joe’s flowers, but these hot pink ranunculus have made me swoon pretty hard. They might be my new favorite?

2. Have you been to any of these places Alton Brown visited while in San Francisco and Napa Valley? I can’t wait to check out the ones I haven’t been to! Staycation time!

3. Speaking of traveling around SF, there’s now an audio app for SF tours!? However, I’ll probably get lost..

4. So, apparently, this is why/how Europeans stopped using spices in their cuisine. Say what?!

5. Umm.. There’s now AirBnB, in Cuba!? Sign me up! I want to jet off to Cuba so, so badly.

Friday Five

The last week has been absolutely filled with inspiration and wanderlust! But first, let’s chat Friday Five, ya?

1. I met up with Christina of Currently Exploring for lunch in her new home base of SF. Then the ladies of The Lazy Travelers, their respective hubses and Gerard and Kieu of GQ Trippin ventured up to Napa for dinner (and lots of wine). Chatting with these world travelers definitely encouraged me to start dreaming about and planning for where I’m off to next.

2. OMG. After seeing that this stunning inn reopened, visiting the Berkshires is a new addition to my to-do list!

3. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I love handbags. But, umm.. Would you buy one of these luxury handbag made from food industry byproducts? Not quite sure how I feel about it, but my initial response is that it is kinda resourceful.

4. Filed under other ways to distract you at work, have you seen the Disney princess rap battle!? Oh. Heck. Yes! Or even better, this other mashup from our childhood.. Wait for it.. Dinosaurs synced to Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’. Earl Sinclair rapping Biggie Smalls?! I died.

5. Erin at The World Wanderer posted about her birthday celebration in NOLA and visiting the Big Easy is all I can think about. My last trip was way too long ago and Erin’s pictures are making me nostalgic…

Do you have any fun plans, little loves? Going on amazing road trips like Christina? Or heading to a gorgeous South African wine country like the romantic and wino? Or are you virtually traveling, as I did through Erin’s pictures in her post? My feelings of wanderlust are about to explode! xx Nat

Friday Five

Because, San Francisco is so California. (We love burritos).

1. The fabulous ladies at The Lazy Travelers are heading to San Francisco this weekendPerhaps they’ll see Burrit(o) Street? Even more exciting than that is they’re coming to Napa! I’ll finally get to meet the wino and Gerard & Kieu of G&Q Trippin!! We’re meeting up for food and booze, because obviously.

2. Heading to Napa yourself? Check out this list compiled by Yahoo! Travel. Lots of local favorites are included, like La Luna Market & Taqueria (Speaking of burritos, theirs will change your life. Serious), plus personal favorites I’ve shared with you guys like Thomas Keller’s Younvtille gardens and V. Sattui Winery also make the list!

3. I’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong my. entire. life. Apparently, this is how to make perfect scrambled eggs.

4. This Miso Noodle Bowls With Tofu and Mushrooms is everything I want in my life right now. But I’d take out the mushrooms, naturally.

5. Umm… The Girls Scouts have really outdone themselves with this incredible news! Can we get Samoa-flavored too?

Getting Ready for Outside Lands 2014

Happy August, y’all! I have some exciting things planned for the month, including a shopping trip and fun food-related event this weekend! Next weekend, however, I’ll be attending my first ever Outside Lands Art and Music Festival! From what I hear, Outside Lands is the more laid back, awesome vibes-y Coachella of the north (read: more hipsters, less douchebags). Held in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, it began in 2008 and has featured a variety of musical performers such as Beck, Hall and Oates, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Kings of Leon, The Black Eyed Peas, Metallica, and more. Tons of art is on display and a variety of food and drink vendors are on-site as well. Chef and I bought tickets for Sunday’s line up so we’re pretty excited!

If any of you are familiar with “summer” in San Francisco, you know that it could be gorgeous and sunny or 55 F and windy. And then there’s always the fog.. So when deciding on what to wear, layers are always a good idea!

Outside Lands 2014
Outside Lands 2014 by innatsshoes featuring Alex and Ani

Head on over to my Polyvore page to check out all the items in the photo above. Any suggestions for food or drink vendors to try out while I’m there? I might just have to try a bunch to be able to report back to you all. You know, for research purposes..

Oh, and if you’d like to see how I managed to survive my first year at Coachella, click here and here.

Getting Ready for WeHo

I’m a fan of Thursdays. They’re the last official work day before Friday. We all know Fridays don’t count as official work days. Sure, the first half of Friday you’re working, but come 1 pm, we’re all thinking about which happy hour we’re going to, or which movie we’re renting from Redbox and what we’re ordering in. Am I right? Duh. Fridays are practically weekend days.

I’m really, really excited about next week and next weekend for two reasons. One, this girl gets to go to San Francisco for a work training during the week (hello super fresh clam chowder, excellent beer–SF Beer Week!, and the joy of being the city by the bay!) where I plan on trying new-to-me restaurants in the City as well has hopefully being able to attend some Beer Week events. The training and my accommodations are in Fisherman’s Wharf, an extremely touristy area, so I’ll be searching for some non-touristy restaurants to stuff my face at. Obvi I’ll report back if anything fabulous turns up. And second, I’ll be flying to Los Angeles to visit Em for a long weekend (thanks, George Washington). Between Em and the interwebs, I’ve been snagging ideas for what to do on my adventure to SoCal.

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I’m Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving! I doubt you have trouble believing that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Food, family, wine, and food.. what more could a girl ask for? Here are a few things I’m giving thanks for on this lovely day:

  • My adorable kitties, Betsey and Marvin (For those of you who do not know, I’m a crazy cat lady.)
  • My wonderful friends and family who support me, have fun with me, and help to keep me sane
  • My amazing job and coworkers
  • Chocolate, wine, broccoli, zucchini, and food in general
  • How much I’ve been able to travel in my twenty-something years
  • My 2012 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants for making Torture a little more bearable this year (Yes, Torture with a capital ‘T’.)
  • Jim Harbaugh and my San Francisco 49ers for bringing in a new era of respectable, watchable football from San Francisco
  • All of my awesome followers and readers, along with the cool blogs I follow! You guys get me excited to write new posts and read yours!

Red wine with a Lorax 'stache

Red wine with a Lorax ‘stache

Stuffed brownie bites

Stuffed brownie bites

Watching the SF Giants for my birthday

Watching the SF Giants for my birthday


60s party fun– we all had our own ideas about what 60s garb was.

Betsey in a purse

Betsey in a purse

Wine tasting and picnicking for Em's birthday

Wine tasting and picnicking for Em’s birthday

Mini Prague reunion

Mini Prague reunion

Monday Night Football game to support the 49ers!

Monday Night Football game to support the 49ers!

Marvin's sexy pose

Marvin’s sexy pose

Biker parade in Santa Barbara

Biker parade in Santa Barbara with my sissies

Cousin love

Cousin love

Homemade pulled pork sliders with broccoli salad

Homemade pulled pork sliders with broccoli salad

Obviously this list doesn’t include every single thing I’m thankful for (Hi, being alive, having a roof over my head, etc.), but it highlights some truly important things that I’m extremely grateful for. I hope all of you American followers enjoy gorging yourselves like I am, and for anyone outside of the geographical boundaries of the US, I hope you have a lovely day carrying on. Either way, take a moment to think about who and what you’re grateful for, and be sure to let the people on that list know it! Cheers!



A Travel, Food, and Craft Update

This week’s post consists of updates and news.

I “traveled” (all 60 minutes driving time) to San Francisco on Saturday for the Treasure Island Music Festival. What a blast! Here are some photos from my adventure!


The ladies at The Lazy Travelers have inspired me, once again. This time it was to create a “Where I’ve Traveled” page on my blog, extremely similar to their “Where We’ve Been” page. You should go check out some of the awesome places The Romantic and The Wino have been! I found out I’ve been to 18 states in America. I can’t decide if I think that having visited 36% of my nation’s states is a decent amount for being in my 20s. I think I need to change that soon!

Kate at Words for Worms nominated me for both a Liebster Award and a Sunshine Award! Thanks for thinking I’m award-worthy 🙂

I mailed out my package for The Lean Green Bean‘s Foodie Pen Pals program for October! I’m very excited to see how Heather likes what I’ve sent her. I might be even more excited to see what Tabitha is mailing me. Since Heather doesn’t have a blog, we’re discussing the idea of her doing a guest post on here!

Speaking of guest posts, I’m going to be a featured Jetsetter for one of the upcoming weeks on The Lazy Travelers! Very, very honored. I’ll give you all a link to the post once it’s up.

I actually have free weekends for the next few weekends, so I’m going to hunker down and get crafting! I have a few ideas for around the home and a couple for the upcoming holiday and birthday season. Obviously, I’ll also be scanning other DIY and craft blogs that I follow and I’ll likely hit up Pinterest for some ideas, too! Assuming they turn out somewhat attractive, I’ll post them up soon.

I Left My Heart (at Brunch) in San Francisco

My close friend from college, Kortni, was visiting San Francisco from her current city of Portland. While her boyfriend was busy recording songs with his friend, we decided to meet up  for a day of brunch, shopping, and catching up. I did a little bit of Yelp research, and stumbled upon the delicious sounding (and well reviewed) Brickhouse Cafe in SOMA. Read the rest of this entry