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Friday Five

A quick Friday five before my Caribbean getaway! 

1. The wino spent 24 hours in this adorable New York town, and now I want to go, too. Such is life.

2. As usual, Jessica slays in the food gift department. I cannot wait to make these for Christmas gifts!

3. Even though I’m a local, I don’t have all of the best Napa Valley happy hours memorized. I tend to stick to the ones I know! I’m forever grateful for this updated Napa Valley happy hour list, which makes all of our lives a little easier.

4. I cannot even get over these muffins. I need them all in my life right. now.

5. Christina went to this charming Tennessee town and now I am figuring out how I can go. Great walking, Southern charm, and a foodie haven!? Count me in.

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Friday Five

Happy, happy Friday! I’m clinking you, wherever you are. We’ve made it through another week! 1. In December 2013, I visited the 9/11 Memorial and was privy to views of the stunning One World Trade Center building. Starting next month, the observatory at the top of One World Trade Center will be open for public viewing. I’m already planning to plan my trip back to NYC.

2. As someone who needs to/is currently trying to improve my photo game, I loved this! Christina from Currently Exploring shares 10 tips for taking better photos. You’d better believe I’m looking at new cameras, too.

3. Um.. Napa Valley may have some competition in wine production from this state?! I guess I always figured it was so cold there all the time. Perhaps it’s time for a visit to change my perception?

4. Food lovers rejoice! The Daily Meal has dubbed this the new Gluten Holy Grail! So many questions! Do they serve it with a side of butter? Can I make this at home!? Do they deliver?

5. Having only been to Nashville, New Orleans, and Washington D.C., I’m itching to get to the other 12 cities on this bucket list of vacation spots to visit.

New York’s McNally Jackson Books

You guys, the past seven days have been rough. Mostly due to the fact that I missed Jay-Z and Bey at Coachella last week. And I am so mad at myself! I was being an old lady on that fateful Saturday night and justified dismissing Nas’ performance because ‘he hasn’t come out with anything in forever’. Obvi that should have been my first clue that something awesome was going to happen. Ugh, serious bummer-central. Oh, and I have some serious wheezing/coughing going on from that nasty dust storm on Saturday. Hot beverages and soup have been my go to all week, even though it’s been in the 80s all week in Napa Valley. But I digress.

Right now, all of the warm food and beverages I’ve been consuming are making me miss my New York travels a lot. I miss the matzo ball soup from Katz’s. I miss seeing the Statue of Liberty in the distance and the awesome tour of that lovely Lady Liberty. I miss the hustle and bustle on every single street we walked down (Napa is pretty boring in that regard..). Although, one thing I was seriously don’t miss was the sleet, snow, and ice rain during my pre-Polar Votex stay. Honestly, you New Yorkers are tough. One way I coped with the severe frigidness I experienced over the majority of my few days in the Big Apple was to drink lots of wine sneak over to my new absolute favorite cafe.


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NYC Eats: Katz’s Deli

I hope y’all are ready: it’s my first post about my delicious 3 week winter adventure!

We will be starting off in New York City, the first city on my itinerary. As I’m sure you have, everyone has heard of Katz’s Delicatessen one way or another. Whether it was in When Harry Met Sally (you know, that scene.) or when the recipe for their matzo balls was shared with the world (Yes, please!) or when apparently 20 or so women recreated that scene from WHMS and it made Time’s website (see here). Or, you know, in a guide book. I had been to Katz’s once before (in 8th grade) but it was a foggy memory for me. So, obviously, when I ventured to New York for a few days with my parents, we had to stop by Katz’s.

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