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What I’m Thankful For

The clamor of our carving knives has subsided and we’ve woken up from our tryptophan-fueled naps. That’s right, guys, we made it through Thanksgiving! I wanted to give you all a break from reviving the economy while shopping for your friends and family this #CyberMonday to share with you how my holiday went. Never one to follow the rules completely, I had two Thanksgiving dinners! One with my family on Wednesday and one with my friend-family on Thursday. Both were simply perfect. And now, to continue on the tradition of sharing with you what I’m most thankful for (see here and here), I give you the 2014 edition:

My family– Throughout the holiday season, despite some living as far away as New Orleans, we always make a point to be together. My family loves and supports me, even though I can be pretty particular. Except for Marvin and Betsey– they simply tolerate me.


Chef and Mr. Leon– I’m not really sure what I’d do without these two goofballs. They take care of me when I’m sick, are always down for a good cuddle sesh on the couch, and give me reasons to smile every single day.


My friends– always down to get together, be it for an earthquake relief concert, cocktail and gab sesh, or grown-up girls’ sleepover, these people keep me going throughout life’s ups and downs. And they know all of my secrets, so we kinda have to stay friends.


And finally, I’m forever thankful to you. You read my blog, share my recipes, and every once in a while send me sweet little notes and comments. I’d originally started In Natalie’s Shoes as both a way to document and share my misadventures around the world and in the kitchen. But all of you are what keep me posting. I love meeting you in real life, swapping cookies/recipes in the mail, and regularly being inspired to cook what you cook and travel where you travel. You guys are pretty darn awesome. So thank you, I truly am grateful for you.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and I look forward to continuing this internet friendship! xo Nat


A Post-Turkey Day Post

In the aftermath of my Turkey Day binge, I contemplated what I was thankful for. Having food (and wine) and shelter always make the cut. Duh. Friends and family (and cats), too, are obvious things I am so so grateful are in my life.

Pusheen Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy of Pusheen the Cat

I’m also really thankful for all of those who read this blog (hi, Auntie Donna). I never expected this little hobby of mine to be so well-received. So thanks, you guys rock. xx Natalie

I’m Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving! I doubt you have trouble believing that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Food, family, wine, and food.. what more could a girl ask for? Here are a few things I’m giving thanks for on this lovely day:

  • My adorable kitties, Betsey and Marvin (For those of you who do not know, I’m a crazy cat lady.)
  • My wonderful friends and family who support me, have fun with me, and help to keep me sane
  • My amazing job and coworkers
  • Chocolate, wine, broccoli, zucchini, and food in general
  • How much I’ve been able to travel in my twenty-something years
  • My 2012 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants for making Torture a little more bearable this year (Yes, Torture with a capital ‘T’.)
  • Jim Harbaugh and my San Francisco 49ers for bringing in a new era of respectable, watchable football from San Francisco
  • All of my awesome followers and readers, along with the cool blogs I follow! You guys get me excited to write new posts and read yours!

Red wine with a Lorax 'stache

Red wine with a Lorax ‘stache

Stuffed brownie bites

Stuffed brownie bites

Watching the SF Giants for my birthday

Watching the SF Giants for my birthday


60s party fun– we all had our own ideas about what 60s garb was.

Betsey in a purse

Betsey in a purse

Wine tasting and picnicking for Em's birthday

Wine tasting and picnicking for Em’s birthday

Mini Prague reunion

Mini Prague reunion

Monday Night Football game to support the 49ers!

Monday Night Football game to support the 49ers!

Marvin's sexy pose

Marvin’s sexy pose

Biker parade in Santa Barbara

Biker parade in Santa Barbara with my sissies

Cousin love

Cousin love

Homemade pulled pork sliders with broccoli salad

Homemade pulled pork sliders with broccoli salad

Obviously this list doesn’t include every single thing I’m thankful for (Hi, being alive, having a roof over my head, etc.), but it highlights some truly important things that I’m extremely grateful for. I hope all of you American followers enjoy gorging yourselves like I am, and for anyone outside of the geographical boundaries of the US, I hope you have a lovely day carrying on. Either way, take a moment to think about who and what you’re grateful for, and be sure to let the people on that list know it! Cheers!