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Let Me Upgrade You: Brown Butter Apple Pecan Upside Down Cake

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of cake for breakfast. I’ll use any excuse to have cake for breakfast or to make a recipe for cake that could be eaten for breakfast. It’s almost a problem. Almost.

This “almost problem” came to light again after visiting Apple Hill in Placerville, CA a few weekends ago. More on that to come, but just know that I walked away with more than 10 lbs. of apples because I got a little overzealous with my shopping. And that’s not even counting the apple products I bought..

Clearly, I needed to find a recipe to use up a bunch of apples. So I made this for you.

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Let Me Upgrade You: Milky Way Rice Krispies Treats

Hi loves! I’ve missed you. Life has been all over the place– mostly due to fun and amazing things happening– forcing me to write less and put some fun projects on hold. They’re still in the works, but just pushed back a little longer. As promised, I have heaps of things to share with you. Let’s start with tasty things, shall we?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe. I swear I’m not a recipe hoarder (however, when it comes to purses and shoes, I can’t really comment..), but I’ve got quite the stockpile of delicious food things that I can’t wait to share with you any longer!

Let Me Upgrade You: Milky Way Rice Krispies Treats | @innatsshoes

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Let Me Upgrade You: Lucky Charms Treats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who are Irish or want to be Irish! Will you be partaking in festivities? I haven’t decided that yet.. But since it’s a holiday and all, I wanted to share something tasty and fun that fits with Irish luck. But you can make this recipe any time of the year and not go wrong. Trust. 

I should probably warn you that this was one of my better upgrades. Like dangerously better. Anyone who has tried them loves these treats. They’re so easy to make, I usually just spout off the recipe. But now I’ll share it with you, little loves!

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Let Me Upgrade You: German Chocolate Bars

It’s been quite the week and I want a plate full of everything bad-for-you in front of me! Okay, I shouldn’t complain because it’s my second 4-day week in a row. Don’t hate. But, sometimes I just crave something gooey and chocolatey. Like, I’m tempted to grab a jar of chocolate fudge sauce or eat raw brownie batter. Let’s be real, you do too. When that happens, I usually make these German Chocolate Bars.

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Let Me Upgrade You: Peanut Butter Cupcakes

This week has been one of those weeks. While fun and exciting things have happened, they’ve left me exhausted and begging for a nap. Don’t judge me, naps are amazing. And this week isn’t over yet! I still have to build my Ikea dresser — a task that Shaylyn said will take me at least three hours, awesome— try my hand at selling pizzas, and spend all weekend with my friends wine tasting for birthday month. I know, rough life. However, in the midst of all the crazy going on in my life right now, I wanted to share something quite fabulous with you.

As you’re well aware, I’ve never been shy about my love for peanut butter and chocolate. One time, I ate five Reese’s peanut butter Easter eggs. Back to back to back to back to back. I’m pretty sure I only stopped because I ran out of them. Obvi they’re my favorite.

It should come as no surprise that I was really, really upset on Easter when the Easter bunny didn’t bring my any of my favorite concoctions to nosh on all day. I decided to get creative that fateful Sunday afternoon– I invented the easiest peanut butter cupcakes. Ever. And then I made the easiest chocolate peanut butter frosting ever.


Yeah. Even I get mad at me.

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Great-Grandma Emogene’s Coconut Cake

As you saw in the pictures for Judy’s Apricot Tart, there was a delicious looking, fluffy white cake with fluffy frosting, and coconut all over. That happens to be the cake my mom made for the barbecue on my birthday. This wasn’t just any cake, though. My mom made me a coconut cake using my great grandmother’s recipe. Or so we think.


See, my great grandma Emogene was especially secretive with her recipes. There are stories of her simply refusing to share a recipe. Others talk about how it was very likely she would only give you *most* of the recipe, but leave out an ingredient or two, because it never quite tasted the same as when she made it. Miss Emogene (as we all called her) was a southern lady, and tended to use her experience in the kitchen, rather than units of measure. So many of the recipes we did get from her aren’t exactly concrete (i.e. a dash of this, a handful of that, etc.). This is one of those recipes.

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