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Weekend Recap: A Whirlwind Weekend in Asheville

Alright, y’all. After a week off from posting due to moving, I’m ready to share all the fun that was had on my trip to Asheville, NC. As I’d mentioned before, the long weekend Chef and I spend in North Carolina was filled with food (and booze!), family, and exploring– three of the best things, in my opinion. Read the rest of this entry


Getting Ready for Asheville

Summer travel adventures are coming in hot! Since Chef’s dad and I both have birthdays next week, Chef and I are catching a red-eye to Charlotte, picking up a rental car and driving to Asheville for a long weekend of celebrating, exploring, eating, and drinking. I’ve never been to North Carolina, but I’ve heard lovely things about Asheville. And honestly, I can’t get that Petey Pablo song Raise Up out of my head when I say North Carolina. Craft beer, great food, music.. It sounds a lot like Portland to me! And we all know how much I adore Portland.

So that being said, I’ve been scrounging up ideas for what to bring with me on my trip. Casual but fun, light with lots of layers. And stripes. Lots of stripes.

Asheville by innatsshoes featuring a crossbody purse

Pretty cute, right? Head on over to my Polyvore page to check out all the items in the photo above.

I’m definitely excited about our cross-country adventure. Have you been to Asheville? Do you have any recommendations for places to go, bars to drink at or restos to eat at? Please send them my way!