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Friday Five

1. I was asked if I’ve ever made any gluten-free baked goods by a friend who knows my love of baking. I blurted out “not intentionally” before realizing she was being serious. And then I saw this recipe for a gluten-free lemon poke cake.. in a slow cooker! OMG. A perfect use for some homegrown lemons..

2. Joy (of Joy the Baker fame) is a baking angel, a baking lifesaver, if you will. Check out her post on How to Read a Recipe (something we can all learn from) and How to Be a Better Baker, because truly, anyone can bake with effort and the right mindset. #truth

3. Beaches. Elephants. Food. Temples. Angkor Ruins. Karla over at Foodologie went to Thailand and now it’s all I can think about. Fresh coconuts for breakfast?!

4. While karaoke has always held a place in my heart, the lip-syncing battles Jimmy Fallon has had on his show slay me. But now this show is coming out!? OMG I can’t wait until April 2nd!

5. I’ve not been shy about my obsession with the Czech Republic and Prague, specifically. This list not only furthers my obsession, it makes me want to go back asap! Oh, that sweet, sweet Czech beer!


January Foodie Pen Pals

I cannot believe the first month of 2013 is already over. It’s almost Valentine’s Day (read: I have to buy/make Valentine’s or cookies. Cookies it is!). I’m also two weeks away from visiting Em in Los Angeles! Guess what else? It’s Foodie Pen Pals reveal day!

Mellissa, over at A Fit and Spicy Life, was an absolute doll and sent me healthy treats for January’s Foodie Pen Pals. She hails from the Twin Cities and describes herself as a 30-something newlywed who loves food, working out, traveling, and (my personal fave) wine. Her package came at a perfect time, because around this time of year, everyone is all on healthy eating kicks. Let’s take a peak at what she sent me, shall we?


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