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Monthly Archives: February 2013

SF Eats: Old Siam Thai

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of Thai food. I’ve mentioned it once or twice. I pretty much stick to Mini Mango Thai Bistro in Napa, though. I’ve tried to venture away, determined to not be that creep who visits the same Thai restaurant on a regular basis. But, I’m never fully satisfied and always head back to the tried and true. Which isn’t terribly hard, because Napa has maybe a handful of Thai restaurants. Lame. However, one Bay Area restaurant, has come close to satisfying my hunger for Thai food: The Old Siam Thai in San Francisco. Read the rest of this entry


Southern Treats, Made Easy

Happy hump day. This hump day is even happier because I’m already two days into my four-day work week, thanks to President’s Day on Monday. The extra long weekend couldn’t have come at a better time– that training I briefly spoke about in my post Getting Ready for WeHo took a lot out of me, and quite frankly, I’m all sorts of out of it. Not to mention my WeHo weekend ended up being postponed because Em came down with tonsilitus 😦 So, my being out of it is also an excuse explanation for why I didn’t post last week. Whoops. AND last week was my itty bitty blog’s one year birthday/anniversary/celebration. Mega fail on my end.

Can I make it up to you with the most fabulous recipe I’ve come across in a while? So fabulous that I *gasp* almost didn’t want to share? And it’s actually quite easy.

My grampa is a huge fan of pecan pie. Huge. It probably has something to do with growing up in Tennessee. Maybe. He also happens to be ridiculously picky when it comes to what he enjoys eating and what he eats because otherwise he has to answer to my gramma. Someone’s gotta keep an eye on what he eats! So I know I’ve found a good recipe when he not only eats what I’ve made, but doesn’t want to share with anyone else. I made these bad boys for my grampa over Superbowl weekend. He’s already requesting more. Obviously, I’ll be cooking them up again soon, and you should too. This is one of those recipes I plan on making for a while.


Gulp. Go for a run now. Then bake these.

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Getting Ready for WeHo

I’m a fan of Thursdays. They’re the last official work day before Friday. We all know Fridays don’t count as official work days. Sure, the first half of Friday you’re working, but come 1 pm, we’re all thinking about which happy hour we’re going to, or which movie we’re renting from Redbox and what we’re ordering in. Am I right? Duh. Fridays are practically weekend days.

I’m really, really excited about next week and next weekend for two reasons. One, this girl gets to go to San Francisco for a work training during the week (hello super fresh clam chowder, excellent beer–SF Beer Week!, and the joy of being the city by the bay!) where I plan on trying new-to-me restaurants in the City as well has hopefully being able to attend some Beer Week events. The training and my accommodations are in Fisherman’s Wharf, an extremely touristy area, so I’ll be searching for some non-touristy restaurants to stuff my face at. Obvi I’ll report back if anything fabulous turns up. And second, I’ll be flying to Los Angeles to visit Em for a long weekend (thanks, George Washington). Between Em and the interwebs, I’ve been snagging ideas for what to do on my adventure to SoCal.

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