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Statue of Liberty Tour

I’ve been putting off writing about my trip for so long! It’s not that I don’t want to, but rather, I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and go through all of my photos, ticket stubs, and journal entries (yes, I journaled!). Heck, Chef hasn’t  even seen any of my photos that weren’t up on Insta either (P.S. totes add me on Insta if you haven’t already!). So, in an attempt to appease those of you whom have mentioned you wanted a post, I will entertain your wishes with this photo essay of my trip to the Statue of Liberty! Read the rest of this entry


Emerald Bay Lookout

My family and I ventured up to South Lake Tahoe for a few days of relaxation in celebration of my birthday. Determined to do some touristy things while on vacation, we make a quick trip up to Emerald Bay lookout. Such gorgeous views! Those who are so inclined can hike, camp, or simply take in the views of Emerald Bay State Park.

Interesting fact: it’s the #1 Thing to do in Lake Tahoe on U.S. News, and it’s free to do!


While we didn’t hike or camp, we snapped a few pictures and headed back down to Camp Richardson for lunch and to check out the beach. I think it’s pretty safe to assume what my next post will be about!