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Friday Five

It’s so crazy for me to think it’s been five years this week since I started this blog. Five! I’m definitely a more experienced baker, eater, traveler, and drinker, thanks to this blog and your participation. Let’s celebrate with a new edition of Friday Five over some cocktails, shall we?

Friday Five | @innatsshoes

1. I’m 100% down to try these historic bars in the Bay Area. Who’s with me?!

2. What’s your favorite region in France? Having only been to Paris, I’d have to say that is mine. But after reading this post on reasons to visit other regions, I’m ready to pack my suitcase and take in the rest of the country!

3. Like raspberries? Like scones? Like cookies? This recipe sounds like something right up my our alley!

4. Absolutely itching to take this iconic road trip in my home state! But it will have to wait, as I have a different road trip in my future 😉

5. Whoa! Apparently, gluten-free, clean eating doesn’t have to be boring! I’m ready to hop on that dietary train, if all the recipes look like this one!


Friday Five

I think that Fried Chicken Friday should become a thing. I’m still drooling over my meal from last week.. sigh. Alright, you know the drill!Friday Five | @innatsshoes1.As my trip to the Caribbean nears, I’ll be honing my travel photography skills using these tips.

2. This recipe has everything I could want: Peanut butter, check. Chocolate, check. No-bake? Oh, hell yes!

3. Introverted but love to travel? You’re not alone! I love this article on how introverts can manage stress and anxiety while traveling.

4. I am one of the biggest s’mores lovers I know. This is the perfect way to get your fix when it’s hot out, no campfire or oven required!

5. I consider myself very lucky to live in the Bay Area. Case and point: being in close proximity to these 6 landmarks. And I can attest to the gorgeous views of the SF skyline from Angel Island.

Cheers to the weekend!

My Very First Coachella

It’s been a little over three weeks since I experienced my first Coachella Valley Music Festival (just “Coachella” for you cool kids). Obvi, I survived and thankfully didn’t end up with any serious injuries. More than what I can say for at least one person in our campsite. I researched what to expect and what to pack quite diligently in an effort that I wouldn’t be totally unprepared. I’m proud to say that most of my preparation was useful, while what was not directly useful likely warded off any “if you don’t have it, you’ll need it” issues.


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