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A New Christmas Tradition: Racine Danish Kringle

Drawing Secret Santa names. Deciding on menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner. Baking with my mom in her kitchen. Trimming the tree while drinking wassail. Deliberately cooking too much food to ensure a proper amount of leftovers. Arranging the dinner table centerpiece with candles and festive citrus and herbs from my mom’s garden.

A New Christmas Tradition: Racine Danish Kringle | @innatsshoes

Despite loving the wave of nostalgia I feel when I think about my family’s holiday traditions, there’s something kind of neat about stumbling upon a new one. 

Recently, I received an early Christmas delivery from Racine Danish Kringle, thanks to #Foodiechats. I’ve heard about Kringles for as long as I can remember, as my aunt Annie is from Wisconsin and spoke fondly of enjoying them with her family while growing up. I always wanted to try them, but until now, I had no idea we could get them in Napa — let alone have them delivered straight to my door —  to enjoy during the Christmas holiday.

A New Christmas Tradition: Racine Danish Kringle | @innatsshoes

The icing on the Merry Berry Kringle perfectly compliments the delicious berry filling!

I never really knew what to expect a Kringle to be (other than delicious). Racine Danish Kringles are flaky layers of pastry that have been hand folded over and over creating its signature 81 layers before resting for 3 days. You will not find me spending that much time on a dessert! The pastry is then filled with nut or fruit fillings and finished in a distinct oval shape before being hand-iced. Oh, and these danishes are made fresh everyday. And they are certified Kosher, which makes them great for any Hanukkah or Chrismukkah celebrations. The people at Racine Danish Kringles put more love into their Kringles than I do with a lot of things.

When the Kringles arrive they can be enjoyed right away or frozen for up to 6 months. Once defrosted, Racine Danish Kringles can stay fresh for up to 5 days at room temperature (refrigerating is not recommended by Racine). But that’s if they even last that long. My family was pleased to enjoy Kringles as both an after dinner dessert and for a late-night snack with some tea. I know they’d make a pretty tasty breakfast with coffee, too. Heck, they’d be tasty with a glass of wine!

A New Christmas Tradition: Racine Danish Kringle | @innatsshoes

Bourbon Pecan goes great with coffee or tea!

The best part is that freshly baked Danish Kringles can be ordered online, by catalog, or by phone and shipped to the destination of your choice within days of placing an order. For those of us who tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Racine Danish Kringles allow delivery scheduling, which ensures your Kringle will arrive on or about a specific date. No more forgotten dessert!

A New Christmas Tradition: Racine Danish Kringle | @innatsshoes

Kringles come in a variety of holiday flavors including Merry Berry and Bourbon Pecan, so there are plenty of options. Though both flavors are delicious, the Merry Berry blew my socks off. I can’t wait to try the raspberry and almond flavors over the holidays! I can’t wait to surprise my aunt with Kringles for dessert this Christmas. I know this will be a holiday tradition we continue on for years to come.

You can find more information about Racine Danish Kringles and place your holiday orders by visiting their website

I received the Kringles complimentary from Racine Danish Kringle for sampling purposes through a partnership with #Foodiechats. As always, my opinions on all of the scrumptious Kringles above are my own.

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