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Exploring New York in Three Days

Mondays are not something I try to celebrate normally. But this Monday is exciting because I’m telling you about my trip to New York City! Yes, the one from December 2013. I promise food! booze! adventure! and touristy things! I also promise not to drag this first leg of my trip out any longer!

I’ve been missing New York pretty hard lately. There’s just something about getting lost in the bustling city that makes all of the obnoxious thoughts preoccupying your mind float away. Since I definitely don’t get hustle nor bustle in Napa, I’m forced to relive my New York City adventures through photos of my trip and my travel journal, which I’m so, so thankful I stuck to writing in. Especially since I’ve been putting off writing about my trip for over a year. It helped to remind me of the little details of our trip that my nearly 30 year old brain had already forgotten.

Three Days in NYC

While I’ve been to New York twice before, my parents hadn’t ever been until our trip! I wanted to take them to a few of my favorite places, some which also happen to be New York icons. Over the course of 3-ish days, we explored the known, got lost in the unknown and then ate and drank our way through New York City. At the end of our adventure that wonderful few days in December 2013, my parents felt like they had a pretty great overview of the Big Apple. Here’s what our visit looked like:

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A Tourist’s Guide to Christmastime in New York City

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Like, where did the time go?

And while I’m still not exactly sure when specifically it’s okay to start talking about the “holiday season” (before Thanksgiving? After Halloween? Thanks for the confusion, big retail), I think I’m in the clear at this point in time. Thanksgiving just happened and Christmas is less than 3 weeks away!

Third only to birthday month and the entire fall season, the holiday season is truly one of my favorite times of year. We get to spend time with friends and family, sure, but I really love baking (obviously) and seeing how others celebrate. Whether it’s a different culture, city, or even just a next door neighbor, I love seeing what the holidays mean of other people! This year, I’ll be heading to Viriginia for Christmas with Chef’s family. I’m really excited to be heading to a new place to celebrate the holiday and learn which traditions make the holiday special for their family. My feelings of excitement and wanderlust for Virginia are very reminiscent of what I was doing this time last December.

Merry Christmas from the Tide Snowman

In Napa, we don’t get snow. So, this guy made my day!

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Taking in the 9/11 Memorial

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s really hard for me to believe that nearly a year ago, I was preparing for my three-week trip to New York, London, and Paris! As you may have noticed, I’ve been sharing my NYC-London-Paris adventures sort of piecemeal and in intermittent spurts. Most of it is my lack of time to sit down and sort through photos and journal entries, but a few posts also require me to find older pictures from previous trips. This was one of those posts.

2013-12-16 13.42.54

One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall, making it America’s tallest building, according to its website.

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New York’s McNally Jackson Books

You guys, the past seven days have been rough. Mostly due to the fact that I missed Jay-Z and Bey at Coachella last week. And I am so mad at myself! I was being an old lady on that fateful Saturday night and justified dismissing Nas’ performance because ‘he hasn’t come out with anything in forever’. Obvi that should have been my first clue that something awesome was going to happen. Ugh, serious bummer-central. Oh, and I have some serious wheezing/coughing going on from that nasty dust storm on Saturday. Hot beverages and soup have been my go to all week, even though it’s been in the 80s all week in Napa Valley. But I digress.

Right now, all of the warm food and beverages I’ve been consuming are making me miss my New York travels a lot. I miss the matzo ball soup from Katz’s. I miss seeing the Statue of Liberty in the distance and the awesome tour of that lovely Lady Liberty. I miss the hustle and bustle on every single street we walked down (Napa is pretty boring in that regard..). Although, one thing I was seriously don’t miss was the sleet, snow, and ice rain during my pre-Polar Votex stay. Honestly, you New Yorkers are tough. One way I coped with the severe frigidness I experienced over the majority of my few days in the Big Apple was to drink lots of wine sneak over to my new absolute favorite cafe.


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Statue of Liberty Tour

I’ve been putting off writing about my trip for so long! It’s not that I don’t want to, but rather, I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and go through all of my photos, ticket stubs, and journal entries (yes, I journaled!). Heck, Chef hasn’t  even seen any of my photos that weren’t up on Insta either (P.S. totes add me on Insta if you haven’t already!). So, in an attempt to appease those of you whom have mentioned you wanted a post, I will entertain your wishes with this photo essay of my trip to the Statue of Liberty! Read the rest of this entry

NYC Eats: Katz’s Deli

I hope y’all are ready: it’s my first post about my delicious 3 week winter adventure!

We will be starting off in New York City, the first city on my itinerary. As I’m sure you have, everyone has heard of Katz’s Delicatessen one way or another. Whether it was in When Harry Met Sally (you know, that scene.) or when the recipe for their matzo balls was shared with the world (Yes, please!) or when apparently 20 or so women recreated that scene from WHMS and it made Time’s website (see here). Or, you know, in a guide book. I had been to Katz’s once before (in 8th grade) but it was a foggy memory for me. So, obviously, when I ventured to New York for a few days with my parents, we had to stop by Katz’s.

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2013 Highlights

First of all, HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR! So, on New Year’s Eve 2012, I posted a bunch of highlights from the year. I was so prepared. And for NYE 2013, I was in Paris and well on my way to a cheese and Champagne-induced coma. Sooo.. I wasn’t prepared. But, better late than never, right?

Let’s take a gander at all the delightful things 2013  threw my way!

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What to Pack: Versatile Travel Items

Packing for 3 weeks in a carry-on means bringing along multi-purpose items. Especially since I’m traveling during the winter season, meaning my clothes will be puffier and I’ll have less room for everything. Read on for some of the awesome items I’ll be packing for my trip.  Read the rest of this entry

I’m a Jetsetter Celebrity

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’re halfway through the week, woo!

Remember how last week I mentioned that I was going to be a featured jetsetter on The Lazy Travelers? Well, last night, The Romantic and The Wino posted my answers to their jetsetter questions! Check it out here! I’m totally famous now. I’ll be cheersing this lovely honor later this evening, if any of you care to join. Champers to celebrate, anyone? You’ll be able to read about my favorite and least favorite hostel experiences, see my favorite travel picture, learn what my favorite meal is (okay, who am I kidding, it’s meals) and more!

Be sure to check out their website, to follow them on Twitter, and if you’re on Facebook, like them! These girls always crack me up, provide amazing travel insight and advice, and most importantly, love a bottle of wine or five.

Meet the Romantic and the Wino.

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NYC Eats: Zlatá Praha

Svíčková. I know you’re thinking, “Ummm what the heck is that?” But svíčková (pronounced svitchkova) is a fabulous dish I discovered during my study abroad stint in the Czech Republic, so I don’t expect you to know what it is. According to Wikipedia, it is marinated beef sirloin. All I remember it as, is a couple of slabs of meat, smothered in a delicious gravy, topped with a lemon slice, cranberry jelly, and whipped cream, served alongside knedlíky (dumplings). During our group’s travels, our friend Nic coined the phrase “I’ve got the itch for the svitch,” whenever he was craving his favorite Czech dish. After reading how The Romantic and The Wino are trying to win a trip to Prague via their blog, I discovered it hard to recover from the wave of nostalgia I felt. I miss it so much! I also miss the food and beer! Speaking of fabulous Czech food, I went to a great Czech restaurant over summer in Queens, NY. If you’re in the area, you should check out Zlatá Praha. They even have hard to find Czech liquors and beers (on tap!!). Below is a picture (I took it at Zlatá Praha during my trip to NYC) of what you can expect should you order svíčková at a Czech restaurant.

Got the Itch for the Svíč.. Svíčková, That Is. | @innatsshoes

I’m pretty sure it’s a law that you have to pair it with a Czech beer.

Update: During my trip to NYC in December 2013, I was beyond bummed to learn that Zlatá Praha had closed. I was heartbroken that I wasn’t going to take my parents there for dinner. Na zdraví and na shledanou to that delightful little slice of the Czech Republic in the States.