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Friday Five

Well, y’all, we finally made it to AUTUMN! I am so excited and can’t stop sharing it. What are you baking this weekend?!

It’s actually supposed to be a million degrees (give or take) in Napa this weekend, which means my baking will likely be delayed. Unless it cools off at night. Then I’ll bake the crap out of all the things. We’ll see.Friday Five | @innatsshoes1. I was trying to replicate a recipe for a coconut macaroon I had the pleasure of devouring a few weeks ago and searched Pinterest for the recipe. While this recipe (my version in the photo above) wasn’t like the one I ate, it was so easy and turned out soooooo tasty!

2. Oooohhh! Another fancy Japanese restaurant is coming to Napa! Excited to see what this one brings.

3. OMG. So there was a #lazyreunion in Portugal (during high season!) and I cannot get over how heavenly their trip looks! The Lazy Travelers continue to blow up my wanderlist. The. End.

4. Autumn is hands down my favorite season. Food! Cozy sweaters! Baking! Chilly nights! Apples! I’m loving this compilation of things to do in Sonoma County, so I don’t have to drive all the way to Apple Hill every time I want an apple-centric experience.

5. Continuing on that thought… how amazing do these cookies sound? I absolutely love macadamia nuts. Browned butter? Yes please.



Wine Country Eats: Murphy’s Irish Pub

I love bacon. Especially crispy bacon with extra cheesy scrambled eggs, and an English muffin. But I digress about breakfast foods. Except the bacon.

Whenever I have friends come into town, the majority of them want to go wine tasting. I really can’t blame them. The Napa Valley is very much synonymous with wine tasting. I happen to be the kind of girl who would much rather go food tasting, than wine tasting (only if I had to choose between the two!). I would hope you would have realized how much I love food by now!

Over Labor Day weekend, my dear friend Kortni came down from Portland to grace me with her presence. This was only her second time to the Valley, and I was determined to whisk her taste buds off their non-existent feet. Obviously, it meant I was going to break out the big guns to achieve this. I started off her trip with a visit to the restaurant I take my favorite people to enjoy one of my favorite meals: Murphy’s Irish Pub.

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