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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Friday Five

And just like that, we’re nearly through with January. How?! I feel like I’ve been bouncing around from party to party and work event to work event. Now it means I’m this much closer to having to cool it with the social hours and tasty bottles of wine like the one below, also known as Dry February.

Let’s have one more go with the alcohol-friendly posting, shall we? And who knows, perhaps I’ll be sharing some boozy posts to curb my longing for a drink during the month of love February. Shall we distract ourselves with Friday Five?

Enjoying a lovely bottle of Ca’ Momi’s Pinot at their new restaurant.

1. Oh look more booze! In a valley known for its wine, downtown Napa will be getting a micro nanobrewery! Can’t wait to try it out come March.

2. Loving these 15 lunches to make ahead for work! Sound much more appealing than a can of soup..

3. Can you imagine traveling 15,000 miles over 6-7 weeks!? That’s just what Matt is doing in his off time. Erin from the World Wanderer was lucky enough to interview Matt– check it out here.

4. Absolutely loving these indoor DIY herb gardens! They look so easy to make.

5. Eek! Have you made any of these 9 mistakes while dining out? I definitely try to help out too much (plate stacking) and a few others 😦 Time to start adulting.


Apple Cider Sangria

Well, I officially lasted about a week into my “Dry January” challenge. Maybe “Dry February” will be a better fit. It’s all about intentions, right?

Anyway, one of my favorite cocktails from the 2015 holiday season was this ridiculously easy and incredibly tasty apple sangria. Plus, it helped me use up the plethora of apple cider I bought during my Apple Hill adventure this past fall. It was a little too easy to drink and way full of booze, so it was a perfect choice for both my roommates’ going away party and a lazy Friday night.

Total win-win.  Read the rest of this entry

Friday Five

Can you believe we’re a week into 2016? I can’t. I’d had many things left on my 2015 list that I didn’t have time to check off. Looks like they’re moving on over to the 2016 list. Ugh.

Anyway. Let’s Friday Five! 1. Have you heard of the “Dry January” trend and the science behind it? If you are, you’re not going to like my tasty recipe post early next week (hint above!). I’m attempting to willingly take a month off drinking this year, and after 7 full days in, and I’d really like a drink.

2. As a strong advocate for studying abroad, I think this is a refreshing take on traveling during times of unrest and terrorism, both international and domestic. While I was studying in Prague, I traveled to Istanbul during the weeks before the Arab Spring in 2010. I ended up falling madly in love with a beautiful city, filled with kind people, and an amazing culture. I wouldn’t change it for anything!

3. Hi, Whole Foods, you’re a little behind. I’ve been loving this “upcoming” trend for a while. Also, please don’t judge me because I’m from Napa Valley.

4. Is this taco tale true?! It must be, if it’s in People Magazine. But, seriously, fingers crossed.

5. Heading to Napa Valley with your pup in tow? Head to these dog-friendly wineries with tasty wines so your fur baby can join in on the fun!