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Weekend Recap: Portland

Oh Portland. How I had missed you. It’s been almost three weeks to the day that I jetted off on my extra-long-weekend escape to Portland. And while I had planned to do at least seven awesome things in the lovely state of Oregon, I was quickly reminded that while traveling, things don’t always go according […]

Weekend Escape: Portland

Guys, it’s been way too long since I’ve been to one of my absolute fave cities: Portland. And this afternoon, I’ll be on a flight heading up there. As an added bonus, I just found out it’s supposed to be, like, gorgeous in Portland this weekend. So. Much. Excitement.

So, let’s narrow down my list of reasons I cannot wait to get my booty back to the land of hella beer, not pumping your own gas, and hipsters to my top 7 reasons why I will not be able to calm down about this trip:

1. This girl.


Accurately portrays how we felt that night…

2. Ms. Kortni and I are going to the food trucks. Yes, the food trucks of Portland.

3. Watching the 49ers play the Broncos at Spirit of 77Totes packed my Frank Gore jersey.

4. We’re going to hike this trail with mega gorgeous views.

5. This fabulous cocktail at Andina.


Absolutely no cilantro, thanks.

6. I get to use my fabulous new suitcase I received for my birthday. It’s similar to the one I fell in love with when I was perusing Lauren’s How to Pack for 2 Weeks in a Carry On: Cold Weather Edition post on her blog, Seventeenth & Irving (if you haven’t checked it out yet, do.). I obvi needed one for Paris and this will be my first time using it!

7. I get to check out Whispering Woods Resort in Welches, OR. Pool time in 80+ degree weather? Count me in.

Yep, those reasons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why I’m so jubilant about this trip. I’m always on the lookout for new fabulous things to do in Portland, so let me know what else I should be doing in the comments below or tweet them to me on Twitter!

2013 Birthday Week Recap!

It’s always such a sad day when birthday week is over. Last year, I celebrated birthday month, and left the good ol’ Napa Valley for some Tahoe time. But I just don’t think that’s going to happen this year. So, rather than be super bummed that I can no longer pull my trump card to […]

Two Days in Prague: What to Do

Tuesdays can be good things. Taco Tuesdays, Travel Tuesdays, Martini Tuesdays.. All good things. This Tuesday is a Travel Tuesday sort of day. The lovely ladies at The Lazy Travelers + the Hubs will soon be in one of my favorite cities in the world: Prague. I’ve written about some of my favorite memories of Prague and where to eat in Prague, but I wanted to be a bit more specific for this trio. They’ll only in Prague for a couple of days, so I told them I’d give them my “must dos” and throw in some extras , in case they manage to wind up with some more time!

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Bienvenido a Miami!

“Party in the city where the heat is on, all night, on the beach till the break of dawn,” Will Smith couldn’t have described my trip to Miami any more accurately. During my long weekend in Miami for my cousin’s bachelorette party, we pretty much ate and drank our way through beaches, restaurants, and clubs. After being welcomed by the sight of palm trees, we stocked up for the weekend at Total Wine & More (for all you west coasters, like a BevMo) and Publix (a grocery chain) where I stumbled upon the world’s hugest avocado (below). The next few days, we sunbathed on a gorgeous beach at our condo, and discovered which foods I can add to my “hangover cure” list (following Perrier with lime, scrambled eggs and English muffins with heaps of butter, in case you’re wondering).

20130516-165506.jpgWe clubbed, we ate, and yes, we drank. Pretty successful weekend, if you ask me. I’ve conjured up a list of my favorite places that I’d go back to in a heartbeat.

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Hula’s Chinese Bar-B-Q

Happy Tuesday! I’m still adjusting to the time change. It is so hard to justify getting out of bed at 6:45 am when I know in my head that on Saturday it would have been 5:45 am. I digress.

Last week, I posted about my fabulous weekend in Chico, CA and mentioned my favorite hangover cure, Hula’s. My very first time at Hula’s, I had absolutely no idea what to do. Napa doesn’t really have anything quite like it, so I was extremely thankful I had a seasoned Hula’s vet with me to show me the ropes. Now, young grasshoppa’, I pass this valuable knowledge along to you for whenever you travel to Chico. Read the rest of this entry

Chico Weekend Recap

This past weekend, I headed up north to my old stomping grounds. And yes, a twenty-something can have old stomping grounds. Truth be told, I missed Chico quite a bit. I missed my favorite happy hour restaurant. I missed delicious beer for ridiculously cheap. I missed my college friends. I missed being in the gorgeousness that is Bidwell Park.

So, I was beyond thrilled when I was able to incorporate all I missed into one completely satisfying, totally sleep-deprived weekend. Lucky for you, I took pictures throughout some of my favorite parts. Read the rest of this entry