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Curried Chicken Salad

With Easter being this Sunday, those of us who celebrate are probably considering what the heck to do with all of our decorated hardboiled eggs come Sunday night. Friends, I can’t solve all of your egg overload problems, but I do have a solution for some of them.

And for those who don’t celebrate? Well, perhaps you sometimes find yourself with hardboiled eggs that you don’t know what to do with. I like being in that situation.

Sure, you can make Cobb salads or egg salad sandwiches. Both great options. But I want to give you an option with a bit more pizazz.

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Let Me Upgrade You: Lucky Charms Treats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who are Irish or want to be Irish! Will you be partaking in festivities? I haven’t decided that yet.. But since it’s a holiday and all, I wanted to share something tasty and fun that fits with Irish luck. But you can make this recipe any time of the year and not go wrong. Trust. 

I should probably warn you that this was one of my better upgrades. Like dangerously better. Anyone who has tried them loves these treats. They’re so easy to make, I usually just spout off the recipe. But now I’ll share it with you, little loves!

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Easy, Cheesy Emmi Swiss Fondue

Can we chat about the Oscars this past weekend? I actually watched them this year! NPH was being showtunesy and adorable. The speeches! Oh, how inspiring the speeches were. And, of course, Emma Stone continued to be her cute little self.

I must admit, that I have never gotten into awards shows. Not even for the fashion. Borderline blasphemous, I know. If they’re on, great!, but usually I’m at home in pjs reading or baking or sleeping. However, if someone is throwing a viewing party (read: lots of food + booze) I get much more excited. Luckily, there was a small shindig happening in the neighborhood and I was practically forced to attend. Never one to attend a party empty-handed, I was scheming about grazing-friendly foods to contribute. Then I remembered that I’d received some samples to test out.

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Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Hi guys. I have some really exciting news that I really want to share with you. But I can’t yet! My darling friend Kortni (who, by the way, is engaged!) and I have been working on some seriously cool things recently. Well, she has been working really hard.. But anyway, I’m trying really hard not to spill the beans just yet.

So I thought I’d share something else today. Something that will fit with my your New Year’s resolutions. It’s really hard to mess up and super quick to make. And it’s delicious.


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Let Me Upgrade You: German Chocolate Bars

It’s been quite the week and I want a plate full of everything bad-for-you in front of me! Okay, I shouldn’t complain because it’s my second 4-day week in a row. Don’t hate. But, sometimes I just crave something gooey and chocolatey. Like, I’m tempted to grab a jar of chocolate fudge sauce or eat raw brownie batter. Let’s be real, you do too. When that happens, I usually make these German Chocolate Bars.

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Perfect Party Spinach Dip

Happy Friday! This is the happiest Friday in a while, because I’m finally feeling like I’m kicking this monster of a cold in the butt. And getting over this cold means I’m getting my appetite back– hallelujah! With the Superbowl in a week (Go Broncos!), I’ll be making this spinach dip that’s perfect for any gathering or party and for me stuffing my face.

I found this recipe on AllRecipes a while back, in a time where I was not a spinach dip fan. Yes friends, such a time existed, and it was quite recently. Remember how I keep talking about this housewarming party Shaylyn and I threw back in June (see here and here)? Well that was the event that changed me into a spinach dip lover. Well, a lover of my spinach dip. Read the rest of this entry

Caprese Skewers

Last weekend, I went up to Chico to help my lovely friend Charise get ready for her housewarming party. She and her husband had just purchased their home about a month before, and she was requested backup for preparing for the event (read: shopping at Costco). After our journey to Costco and the resulting wine-o’clock recovery, we started prepping some of the food for the next day’s party. Because I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love with cheese, I was thrilled when I saw a huge bag of mozzarella cheese packs in the fridge.  Charise was making caprese salad skewers and I was so excited!


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