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Passover In Bed

I’m not Jewish. I get to pretend to be during Christmastime when my family celebrates the age-old tradition of Christmukkah with our second-family-like neighbors. I eat potato latkes with the best of them. And I spin one mean dreidel. It’s a tradition I enjoy and always end up learning something about a culture I didn’t grow up in. This past weekend, I was able to sort-of partake in another Jewish tradtion: Passover.

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Napa Eats: Bounty Hunter

Sure, we all have to eat food; but why settle for something blah when you can enjoy something incredible? Two weeks ago, my best friend Charise came to visit me for much needed girl time. She’s in the middle of planning her wedding and I was having the day from public transportation hell. What can I say, I’m a small-town girl where our “public transportation” consists of a few bus lines. In need of some serious comfort food, I decided to take Charise to a place I’ve been to a handful of times and had the same amazing sandwich each time,  Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Provisions. Read the rest of this entry