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Easy, Cheesy Emmi Swiss Fondue

Can we chat about the Oscars this past weekend? I actually watched them this year! NPH was being showtunesy and adorable. The speeches! Oh, how inspiring the speeches were. And, of course, Emma Stone continued to be her cute little self.

I must admit, that I have never gotten into awards shows. Not even for the fashion. Borderline blasphemous, I know. If they’re on, great!, but usually I’m at home in pjs reading or baking or sleeping. However, if someone is throwing a viewing party (read: lots of food + booze) I get much more excited. Luckily, there was a small shindig happening in the neighborhood and I was practically forced to attend. Never one to attend a party empty-handed, I was scheming about grazing-friendly foods to contribute. Then I remembered that I’d received some samples to test out.

I wanted to make a few things, prosciutto wrapped asparagus being one of them, since we’d be noshing and drinking. I knew we’d be imbibing on sparkling and white wines, which both pair well with cheese. Immediately, I thought about how fun it would be to try out the Emmi Swiss Fondue I’d been sent a few weeks before. Aside from just being curious about the taste for myself, I thought it would be cool to get the opinions of my friends so I could pretend like I was doing research and report back to you little loves.

Eating cheesy goodness and drinking wine counts as research, right?

I don’t, nor does anyone I know, own a fondue set. However, my parents bought me a brand new crockpot for Christmas, which included a mini crockpot (aka Little Dipper) for sauces and dips. My parents are the best. I double-checked with my mom that my Little Dipper (+ wooden skewers) could sub in for a fondue set. She survived the 70s, after all. Then, I went to work.

The package said the fondue mix would heat up in 10 minutes in a pot on the stove top, but I didn’t know how long the package would take in a Little Dipper. I threw the hunk of mix in, covered it with the lid and began prepping the items I’d be dipping in the gooey cheese while I waited. Talk about easy prep!

I sliced up a Pink Lady apple and cubed the Bouchon Bakery baguette I’d picked up earlier in the day. One of the perks of the Napa Valley is being close to Thomas Keller’s amazingness. I also wanted to use blanched broccoli for dipping, because cheesy broccoli is a thing. And it’s delicious.

Not sure what to pair with Emmi fondue? Don’t fret! Glance over your produce drawer for inspiration! You can pretty much pair anything with it and have exceptional results. I tried dipping some of the other snacks into the fondue (roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto is great!) and can imagine pears, medium-rare steak, cooked potatoes, bell peppers or grapes being delicious. A safe bet: dip in anything that goes well with cheese.

I checked on the melty cheese a few times and and it was taking a bit longer in the Little Dipper than the stove top would. This was fine, as I was able to prep other hors d’oeuvres for our festivities. Just under 1 hour after I’d started the melting process, the once large chunk of cheese was melted and bubbling. Obviously, just waiting to have bites of food dipped into it. First, I tried the cubes of baguette and was overwhelmed by the delicious nutty flavor of the cheese. It has a wonderfully balanced acid, making it go incredibly well with Bouchon’s decadent and buttery baguette. However, it also tasted great with the blanched broccoli (broccoli + cheese = heaven) and the tart Pink Lady apples. All in the name of research, I tried the fondue pairings with both bubbles and Sauvignon Blanc. Both balanced each other out well, but the bubbles were my favorite. Shocking, I know.

Come party time, guests were raving about the fondue and it was the first of the hors d’oeuvres to be completely finished off! Everyone was amazed that the fondue was not homemade and that it was readily available in high-end and specialty grocers nationwide. I also saw it online at Amazon (it’s available internationally, too!). I was so excited that the Emmi Fondue was such a success for the Oscar party and I can’t wait to use it for other get togethers. Using the Little Dipper made prep so easy and clean up was minimal–what else can you ask for when making hors d’oeuvres!?


Emmi Fondue from Switzerland is made from natural Switzerland Swiss cheese, white wine and other less important ingredients and comes in a convenient, ready to go pouch. Emmi Fondue is also available in other cheese flavors like Gruyere, Gorgonzola, and more! It is a very simple treat for parties, dinners and other festivities. However, you may wish to have a few packages on hand as it will be gobbled up quickly!

A special thanks to S3 Agency and Emmi of Switzerland for sending me fondue mix to try out and share with you. I was so pleased with this “fix it and forget it” party snack! As always, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. ok first off – bouchon baguette? ON POINT. I’ve never made fondue before but I love how easy this is – and love your mini crock pot! Will have to try sometime.


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