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Afternoon Tea at the Wolseley

Wanderlust Wednesday. Isn’t that the case everyday? I’m having blast reliving my travels to New York, London and Paris last year by reading through my travel journal and sharing with you. I am loving reading through what I did each day and how I liked the various activities and cities. It’s giving me a serious case of nostalgic wanderlust. Can I go back, like, now!? I’m also really proud of myself for being so consistent and thorough in my journaling so I can remember the details from over a year ago.

So, before I share my other favorite afternoon tea adventure with you, I need to preface the photos included with this:

Please, please excuse the horrid lighting in the included photos. It was really, really dark at 4 pm when we went to tea in December and my (now obsolete) iPhone and my point and shoot camera could not handle it. Poorly lit photos are both something I disdain and, oddly, my M.O. I’m sorry. Can we still be friends?


Let’s get to chatting about my other favorite place for tea in London, shall we? 

Aside from visiting the more touristy historical landmarks (like here), one of my top things to accomplish while in London for a few days was to have afternoon tea. I just love how fancy it is, even though it’s probably because it’s not common at all in the States. I’ve already told you about my lovely afternoon tea at The Orangery, but now I want to share with you about the other place we went: The Wolseley.

French 75 at the Wolseley

French 75s all around!

After checking out Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, we decided we needed more afternoon tea. I’m so glad my mom had read about the Wolseley and recommended we try it! Think of it as equally fun and fancy as the Orangery, just not located inside of a former palace garden.

Located all the way on the other side of Hyde Park from The Orangery, you can find The Wolseley right by the Ritz Hotel. Fancy! After a hop on the Underground, we arrived around 4:00 pm with no reservation. There was a short wait, and this time, we opted to partake in cocktails while we waited for our table to be ready.


Oh, and with my visit to the Wolseley, I knocked off half of the Lazy Travelers’ recommendations for where to eat in London from this postWinning.


The dining room was bustling with groups of all sizes enjoying fancy cocktails (the bar makes a mean French 75!), finger sandwiches and tea. Once again, I enjoyed the finger sandwiches served with our tea way too much. I did much prefer the desserts offered at the Wolseley over that of the Orangery. The tea and ambiance were both wonderful, but also quite different. The Orangery was much quieter and just seemed more.. proper? At the Wolseley, you could hear clinks and chatter throughout the building. It was a warmer environment, though not to say the staff at the Orangery weren’t lovely. Just different vibes.


The Wolseley serves a full Afternoon Tea from 3:00pm (during December only at 3:30pm) on weekdays and 3:30pm at weekends. For £23.75 per person (about $35), you get assorted finger sandwiches, scones, pastries and choice of teas. The Wolseley boasts fresh scones and pastries made on the site. Reservations aren’t required, but are recommended if you don’t want to wait.

Doesn’t this sound dreamy? I swear it’s dreamier in real life than what’s shown in the photos above. All of this afternoon tea talk has only solidified my determination to make it back to London asap for more afternoon tea. And probably to take more photos with better lighting. Challenge accepted. 

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