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Weekend Recap: Portland 2014

As you might remember, I went up to one of my favorite cities earlier this month. If you need a refresher, here you go! Well, I’m back from Portland and seriously missing it already. Side note: while in the Pacific Northwest, my darling friend Kortni and I began working on something really exciting for ye olde blogge, so be sure to follow my blog with Bloglovin or my  musings on Twitter to ensure you won’t miss any announcements! Also, check out my travel, DIY, and recipe inspiration boards on Pinterest to see what I might be making/doing next!

But back to my (now annual) jaunt up to Portland. Guys, it was better than I could have imagined: friends, food, booze, and music.

I arrived in Portland cranky from obnoxious passengers. Soon, my mood did a 180 as I saw Kortni pulling up to the curb. I was so glad to see my friend! She quickly informed me that the cast of Portlandia was filming for their show a little way down from where we were. I snapped a quick photo before jumping into her car. While we cruised back to her house to freshen up for dinner, we traded stories about what had been going on in our lives. Nothing like catching up with a long-distance friend face-to-face! Sometimes, gchat just doesn’t cut it. I had totally forgotten Kortni was now a proud owner of three hens in her backyard, so I was very excited to meet them.

After fraternizing with the ladies and admiring their awesome coop, we got ready for dinner with our friend from college, Jed, and his fiancée, Ericka. We met the adorable couple in the Southeast at Coopers Hall, a fantastic winery and taproom. They have 44 wines, beers, and ciders on tap (yes, on tap!) and serve delicious food. It was a great place to catch up with friends!IMG_8462.JPG

For brunch on Saturday, I went Toro Bravo with Jed and his sister, Mary. We had a short wait and it didn’t feel long because they had carafes of coffee for those waiting on their tables. Love. And speaking of things I love here, the food here is so good! I highly recommend the steak and eggs, but only if you’re starving (or sharing). After brunch, Kortni and I got ready for our trip to Edgefield to see the Avett Brothers perform. Just a short drive from Portland, Edgefield is located in Troutdale, OR and is 100% awesome for concerts! The outdoor venue is blanket and chair-friendly, has multiple food and drink vendors, and is just a short walk to the hotel on site. I highly recommend having a room at the hotel (or going with someone who does), because you can veg for a bit while the line to get into the concert dies down. And you can pre-game. The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor concert and the Avett Brothers were a delight to listen to.IMG_8461.JPGOn Sunday, we went to City State Baker and Diner in the Northeast. There was quite a wait outside–and we were trying to rush to make kickoff for the 49ers game– but we stuck it out for 10 minutes before our name was called. I loved that they had coffee in carafes for us while we waited like Toro Bravo. The Thai spice bloody Mary was my beverage of choice, while Kortni got a mimosa. The Freddie scramble I’d ordered was so tasty and the portion of food was perfect. Kortni mentioned that there was a great sports bar nearby if we got too close on time to make it to our 49er game watching venue. I definitely want to try it out next time!IMG_8456.JPG

finally got to watch a 49ers game at Spirit of 77! It was on my itinerary for a Portland trip last year (see here), but we weren’t able to make it. To make things even better, Spirit served a beer back with their bloody Mary, creating a red + gold cocktail! I’m pretty sure this helped the Niners to beat the Chargers 🙂 During halftime, our friend Ali and I shot baskets in a free mini-basketball game. We were having too much fun at this place! Overjoyed by our victory over the Chargers, a little buzzed, and still full from brunch, Kortni and I said farewell to Ali. And then we went home to nap. It was a perfect Sunday.IMG_8440.JPG

This trip was exactly what I needed before a hectic few weeks at work–I enjoyed every second of my trip. Okay, except almost missing my flight due to a TSA agent who gave me bad instructions. Portland has further confirmed its place on my favorite cities list as well as in my heart. I can’t wait for my next trip up!

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