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Perfect Bacon & a Bonus

Hello my little loves. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? My life was a fast-paced blur for a few weeks, and while I did have things to write about and photos to post, I couldn’t seem to find the time to sit down and put it all together. I hope you’ll forgive me. Especially since I’m writing about (wait for it..) bacon this week. BACON!

Who doesn’t love bacon?! I happen to be on that delicious bacon bandwagon. Although, it’s hard to call it a bandwagon when this love affair has been going on for quite a while in our culture. Unlike, say, selfies or #hashtags.


Fairly regularly, Chef and I have breakfast for breakfast, lunch (brunch), or dinner (brinner). Bacon is always involved in some aspect, whether it be in its “natural” state, sliced up in waffles, sandwiched between two layers of pancake batter, or chopped up in a frittata. I’ve been experimenting with how to make the perfect bacon. It really bothers me how, depending on preparation, bacon can range from slimy and limp to charred and rock hard. I happen to like it right in the middle– crunchy and cooked through, thank you very much. So anyway, I’ve found my perfect bacon. It’s really quite simple, although it does take some time.


Perfect Bacon


  • 1 lb. thick cut bacon


  • Jelly roll pan or rimmed cookie sheet (interesting fact: there is a difference)
  • oven-safe metal cooling rack
  • tongs
  • pint-sized canning jar with lid and a rubber spatula (we’ll get to this..)


  1. Preheat your oven to 425 F. Place metal cooling rack in your pan (if you’re using two square racks, it’s okay if they overlap).
  2. Spread the bacon out over the rack as closely as possible, but without overlapping. Bake for 10 minutes before turning each slice over. Return to the oven for an additional 15 minutes.
  3. Remove bacon from the rack, and enjoy your perfectly cooked bacon!

I bet you’re now wondering why I said you needed a canning jar. Well, here’s the *bonus*! I discovered that bacon grease is a great substitute for just about any recipe calling for oil or butter. Even Buzz Feed agrees with me! All you have to do is remove the cooling rack from your pan. Let the pan cool for a few minutes, to make it easier to handle. Then, pour the grease into your canning jar, using your rubber spatula to scrape down the pan. It’s okay if some crumbles of bacon get into your jar– it won’t hurt anything. However, you’re welcome to pour your grease through a sieve if that makes you happy.

I love using bacon grease instead of oil for greasing pans in my scrambled eggs and frittatas or in bacon waffles because it makes the waffles come out slightly crispier on the outside and with a slightly smokey flavor. And yes, I still add pieces of bacon to the waffles, too! I store my grease in the fridge and refill it as I make bacon. It should keep for a about a month.

Do you use bacon grease in your cooking and baking? I’m thinking bacon cupcakes might be in my future..


Allllllll the bacon fat.



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I’m a twenty-something food fanatic. By day, I’m working for a non-profit, by night I’m dreaming of becoming a domestic goddess, creating adorable crafts to gift and engineering delicious home cooked meals for the fabulous dinner parties I’ll one day throw. I love to travel, locally, regionally… heck, even internationally, I don’t discriminate too much when it comes to a new destination. I am a little obsessed with taking photos of the food I eat, whether I make it or pay to eat it. It is my firm belief that a girl can never have enough purses or too many shoes. I plan to fill this lovely little blog with my adventures in food, travel, and craftiness. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. After reading this post I went out and bought an oven-safe metal rack just so I can make some bacon! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Yay! Once I discovered this technique I haven’t made bacon any other way! It’s very fix it and forget it. Perfect for starting a frittata or other breaky dish while you wait!

  2. Oh man! I’ve never tried to make bacon this way! I’ve been frying it in a pan! I’ll have to give it a try. I do roast my sweet potato fries on a metal cooling rack though.

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