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Heading Down to Forked Deer

There’s something very nostalgic to me about traveling. Stress-inducing, too. What to pack? But I mostly feel nostalgia. One of my first trips ever was back to Tennessee, where my dad’s family has lived for many generations. I was an infant, and if the stories are true, I showed my mom my appreciation for paying for my trip by barfing all over her. Right before she met my great-grandmother (her grandma-in-law), you know, the one who makes the famous coconut cake. You’re welcome, mom.

Growing up, I headed back out to my grandparent’s property every other year, or so. Forked Deer, as we called the property near Gates, TN, is pronounced “Forka-deer” with a Southern accent. Interesting fact: I didn’t learn that it was spelled Forked Deer– as it’s named after the Forked Deer River– until I was like, 15 and saw a street sign. Mind. Blown. 

Just last week, I flew out to Memphis and drove the hour or over to Forked Deer. Obviously, we stopped at the first Cracker Barrel we saw. I was seriously bummed that the food wasn’t the same as I’d last had in 2011. My Gramma blames that on Cracker Barrel going national which was news to me. But what can you do?

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my favorite places to get away to. I hope you enjoy the photos of my travel as much as I enjoyed my trip!

Up until my most recent visit, there was no wifi. I had no cell service unless I stood outside, in between the two large houses (my grandparents’ and my great-grandparents’ homes) on the property. Updates from the locals typically came from the family that dropped by once they had heard family from California was visiting. It’s the perfect place to unplug and get centered.


And there are two cats, so you know I’m a happy camper.


Some of my favorite memories are at a pond on another nearby property my family owns. As kids, we’d go fishing for catfish, shoot the snapping turtles and copperhead snakes, and learn how to drive Old Blue, my Grampa’s old work truck.



One night, my mom and I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggies for everyone. I want that meal every night.



20140508-170909.jpgIt was great to get back to Forked Deer for a few days. I loved spending time with my Gramma and helping out in the kitchen. Lots of cookies were made, too. Life is so much simpler and all of the farmland is so gorgeous in the spring.

Where are some of your favorite places to get away to?


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I’m a twenty-something food fanatic. By day, I’m working for a non-profit, by night I’m dreaming of becoming a domestic goddess, creating adorable crafts to gift and engineering delicious home cooked meals for the fabulous dinner parties I’ll one day throw. I love to travel, locally, regionally… heck, even internationally, I don’t discriminate too much when it comes to a new destination. I am a little obsessed with taking photos of the food I eat, whether I make it or pay to eat it. It is my firm belief that a girl can never have enough purses or too many shoes. I plan to fill this lovely little blog with my adventures in food, travel, and craftiness. I hope you enjoy!

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