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NYC Eats: Katz’s Deli

I hope y’all are ready: it’s my first post about my delicious 3 week winter adventure!

We will be starting off in New York City, the first city on my itinerary. As I’m sure you have, everyone has heard of Katz’s Delicatessen one way or another. Whether it was in When Harry Met Sally (you know, that scene.) or when the recipe for their matzo balls was shared with the world (Yes, please!) or when apparently 20 or so women recreated that scene from WHMS and it made Time’s website (see here). Or, you know, in a guide book. I had been to Katz’s once before (in 8th grade) but it was a foggy memory for me. So, obviously, when I ventured to New York for a few days with my parents, we had to stop by Katz’s.


The three of us walked to Katz’s  from our AirBnb apartment on the cusp of Chinatown and Little Italy, which was only about a 20 minute walk. However, this was the week before Christmas 2013 (aka the week before the phrase “Polar Vortex” had swept the nation), and it was COLD. We Californians were ready for some soup and hot sandwiches.

We were greeted by some very friendly security guards (one even posed with us for a picture– I know, tourists) and told to keep our tickets no. matter. what. I had a blurry flashback of my very first adventure to Katz’s in middle school, where my 8th grade language arts teacher said the same thing. This time it felt much more serious.


As we waited for a table for 3, we looked over the menu board behind the deli and picked out what we would each get. We were seated within 10 minutes and our server’s thick New York accent (but friendly demeanor) told us we’d be in for a lovely time at Katz’s. Our drink orders were taken, and we were served a plate of huge pickles and pickled green tomatoes. Neither are really my jam, but I appreciated the hospitality (and my dad ate a few).


Mom and I each ordered the matzo ball soup with a half sandwich (pastrami and corned beef, respectively) and dad got a whole pastrami sandwich. The 3 of us tried tried to thaw over our pints of Czech beer (Pilsner Urquell!) while waiting for our food. When the matzo ball soup came, I was in awe of how ginormous the single matzo ball was! I dove in to my bowl and was blissfully introduced to a wonderful combination of herb, chicken, and toasty goodness of this soup. Instant favorite.


I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get my mouth around my corned beef sandwich it was so thick! The corned beef was so rich and delicious, I scarfed it down. To satisfy our hunger, we stuffed ourselves as quickly as we could, and were only left with small amount of soup left. We took it to go, of course, and I had it as a midnight snack when my jet lag kicked in the next day.


Guys, the food here is ahhhmazing. My mother loved the food at Katz’s so much, that she insisted we make a second stop before our trip was over. We ran out of time, but still, you get my point. I feel like this excerpt from their website blurb says it best: “It would not have been possible for Katz’s Delicatessen to survive three depressions, numerous recessions, and two World Wars if we weren’t the best in NYC.” Capiche?


If you’ve never been to Katz’s Deli, you really should make a point to visit on your next New York visit. Just head right over to 205 E. Houston St., from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Thursday, or any hour of the day Friday through Saturday (ahem, drunkies..) and take in a bit of cinematic history along with your amazing matzo ball soup.

Note: This is in no way a sponsored post, I’m just really obsessed with Katz’s Delicatessen.

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  1. I just need to say. I am obsessed with those bright green pickles from Katz’s! I think they’re called “New Pickles” right?

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