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Weekend Recap: Portland

Oh Portland. How I had missed you.

It’s been almost three weeks to the day that I jetted off on my extra-long-weekend escape to Portland. And while I had planned to do at least seven awesome things in the lovely state of Oregon, I was quickly reminded that while traveling, things don’t always go according to your plan. No matter how awesome or how well-planned your trip is. 

Shall we revisit what my amazing itinerary looked like? I think so.

1. This girl.

(Read: visiting Kortni) This totally happened and was amazing.  I miss my friend so much!

2. Ms. Kortni and I are going to the food trucks. Yes, the food trucks of Portland. 

Oh, this happened. However, we really wanted to try Nong’s Khao Man Gai, but they were sold out by the time we got there. So upsetting. PS check out the video about Nong, she rocks!

3. Watching the 49ers play the Broncos at Spirit of 77. Totes packed my Frank Gore jersey.

Turns out not everyone is a San Francisco 49ers fan. I just don’t know how that is. And, as geography would have it, Portland is a lot closer to Seattle (Seahawks’ territory) than San Francisco, and this was a preseason game, so none of the sports bars had purchased their NFL tv packages yet. Lame.

4. We’re going to hike this trail with mega gorgeous views. 

So, apparently, when I looked up Portland’s weather for the weekend, I should have also looked up the weather in Welches, OR. Because we had thunder and lightning storms the entire time I was up there.

5. This fabulous cocktail at Andina

It was the most delicious reunion I’ve had in a while. I definitely savored every sip. We even ordered appetizers, despite having eaten at Riffle NW. Andina is just that good.

6. I get to use my fabulous new suitcase I received for my birthday. It’s similar to the one I fell in love with when I was perusing Lauren’s How to Pack for 2 Weeks in a Carry On: Cold Weather Edition post on her blog, Seventeenth & Irving (if you haven’t checked it out yet, do.). I obvi needed one for Paris and this will be my first time using it!

I used, I packed, I conquered this luggage. And loved every minute of my well-organized traveling. A fabulous test run!

7. I get to check out Whispering Woods Resort in Welches, OR. Pool time in 80+ degree weather? Count me in.

The checking out of Whispering Woods Resort happened (it’s a pretty cool timeshare/condo-like property). The pool time happened. However, the 80+ degree weather did not (refer to number 4). No suntan for me.

Now, for the highly anticipated photo montage from my trip!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Some of my new favorites from this trip include:

  • Addy’s Sandwich Bar on SW 10th– try the chocolate baguette and the mini chocolate cream pie. Best I’ve ever had!
  • Goodwill on SW 10th– Heaps of Kate Spade (I’m an addict), Coach, Dooney & Burke, J.Crew, and the like. And your money is going back to the community! I’m a sucker for shopping for a cause.
  • Hollywood Liquor on NE Sandy– Really, really great prices. And stock up, because regular stores don’t carry booze and the liquor stores in Portland have weird hours.
  • The fabulous drink Ms. Kortni created (off the top of her head!) for me upon my stressful arrival in Portland. It’s called the Mint Fierce and a recipe will be posted soon!

I need to make my visits much more frequent! I’m thrilled to be heading back up to Portland in October, for Kortni’s birthday and will have to try some of the great tips that Allie of Sweet Potato Bites recommended to me. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!

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  1. Thanks for the blog love! Addy’s Sandwich Bar sounds amazing – will have to try that next time I am up in Portland 🙂

    I’m a big 49ers fan too!

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