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SF Eats: Old Siam Thai

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of Thai food. I’ve mentioned it once or twice. I pretty much stick to Mini Mango Thai Bistro in Napa, though. I’ve tried to venture away, determined to not be that creep who visits the same Thai restaurant on a regular basis. But, I’m never fully satisfied and always head back to the tried and true. Which isn’t terribly hard, because Napa has maybe a handful of Thai restaurants. Lame. However, one Bay Area restaurant, has come close to satisfying my hunger for Thai food: The Old Siam Thai in San Francisco.

My very first time at Old Siam was something like two years ago, when Aussie Mel came to the U.S. She made a pit stop in California for a few weeks, so I took her on a brief tour of the Golden State. Napa: check. San Luis Obispo: check. And, obvi, I took her to San Francisco.

After checking into her hostel, we used my Yelp app to find Thai food nearby. The Old Siam Thai popped up within walking distance and with pretty good ratings. The restaurant was nothing fancy. It definitely had a feel somewhere in between homey and hole-in-the-wall, without being dumpy or gross. We were very happy to find that they had a menu with lunch specials. I’d ordered the chicken satay, yellow curry chicken, and coconut soup combo (only $10.95!) and fell in love. The rest was history. Swoon. Now, whenever I’m in the city, and somewhat close to the downtown area, I head over to Old Siam, order a lunch special and a glass of Sauv Blanc.

photo (2)

The lunch special I always order: yellow curry with chicken satay. Heaven.


Coconut soup with chicken. I ate around the mushrooms..

My most recent trip to San Francisco happened two weeks ago, and was business-related (read: I was in a training all day and couldn’t make it to my favorite Thai place for lunchtime specials! Boo). So, I ventured over to my Thai-restaurant-away-from-home on the corner of Ellis and Mason to try out their dinner fare. I ordered the chicken satay, which I know I love, and the pad thai for dinner. The chicken satay killed it, as usual. The pad thai was so-so. Perhaps I’m just a tad spoiled with Mini Mango’s pad thai? Maybe I’m biased.


Crazy good chicken satay.

Unfortunately, they don’t have an extensive wine list and there is no hard alcohol on their beverage menu. Fortunately, they fill up their wine glasses extremely full. I ‘m always willing to overlook the aforementioned issues for a mega-huge glass of wine.


This photo was taken after three (yes, 3) sips had been consumed.

I’m already looking for my next excuse to go to the city around lunch time. Shopping excursion? Visiting friends? Day drinking and a SF Giants game? All of the above? I’d also like to note, that the girl who is terrified of navigating public transit (who, me?), successfully trollied all the way from Fisherman’s Wharf to downtown! Cue the applause. And yes, it was super easier than I thought. Someday, I’ll conquer MUNI or BART.

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