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Better Than Sex Cake

If you haven’t figured it out already, I love food. I’m also officially a big kid, with a big kid job at a lovely non-profit. If you know anything about working in a non-profit, you know that this means one has a job title that is actually a loose description of what one does, and one actually wears many, many hats in their organization, in order to make it run as smoothly as possible. Well, one (I’m talking about me here) can sometimes be a volunteer coordinator.


Recently, I was helping set up for an event that was happening the following day. We had some of our teen-aged clients help out with setting up tables (huge, 10-foot tables that they were able to lift like it was nothing!) and about 200 chairs for the symposium and concert portion of the event. These young volunteers seriously rocked! As a thank you for their help and making it so I wouldn’t be too sore to move for the next week, I made them this scrumptious cake. Obviously, I changed the name from the actual name because of their age and resulting lack of maturity. So, this can also be called Chocolate Crunch Cake.


Not the full display of ingredients.. Whoops!

Also, I should note that I did something I always tell others they shouldn’t do: I didn’t read through the recipe and ended up being short ingredients (whipped topping, specifically). This resulted in having to take another trip to not one, but TWO stores at 9 pm (So, apparently 7-11 doesn’t carry whipped topping?). Not fun. Read through the recipe and all ingredients. Make sure you get everything you need. Don’t be ridiculous like I was. This is why some of the photos don’t reflect all of the actual ingredients. End disclaimer.


Do NOT eat raw cake batter. Hmm.. Or what?

Something else to note, apparently eating raw cake batter is frowned upon. I think it’s fine in moderation. I mean, I’ve been eating it since I started baking– I have photographic proof it was at least as early as 6– and I turned out fine. Yellow cake batter is my favorite, in case you were wondering.

Better Than Sex Cake


  • 1 box German chocolate cake mix + ingredients listed on the back of the box (usually some amount of water, oil and eggs)
  • 1 jar of Butterscotch Caramel topping, like Smucker’s or Mrs. Richardson’s
  • 1 bag of Heath bar topping (found in the baking section)
  • 2 Skor bars, beaten to smithereens so they are able to be sprinkled over the cake
  • 16 oz. of whipped topping, like Cool Whip, thawed
  • 1 straw


  1. Follow the instructions on the back of the German chocolate cake mix box.
  2. Once the cake has cooled enough to touch, take the straw and poke holes all over the cake. Really, the more holes, the more caramel sauce gets into the cake!
  3. Pour the majority– we’re talking about 90-95%– of the butterscotch caramel sauce over the cake.
  4. Sprinkle the Skor bar and Heath bar bits over the cake.
  5. Spread the whipped topping over the cake.
  6. Drizzle the remaining butterscotch caramel sauce over the top. Sprinkle with any remaining Skor bar and Heath bar bits.



Now for the fun part: straw poking!


So much butterscotch caramel sauce!


The personal-sized cake gets its crunchy topping.

So you’ll notice that I put down 1 bag of Heath bar topping and 2 Skor bars. Well, the actual recipe I was given called for 4 frozen Skor bars to be beaten to smithereens and sprinkled over the top of the butterscotch caramel. Neither Target nor Walmart had Skor bars, which are toffee bars coated in chocolate. So, I opted for pre-crushed Heath bar, in the form of baking bits. Turns out, they aren’t coated in chocolate, like normal Heath bars are. So when I ran out to the store to get more whipped topping, I spotted Skor bars and picked some up. I figured I’d halve what the original recipe called for and make it my own with the Heath bar bits. I feel like it gives it character, don’t you?


So much Heath and Skor bar topping!


The final product. Mmmm!

This recipe is so easy! You can even make the cake a few days ahead of time, just keep it covered until you’re ready to do the rest of the steps and serve. I wouldn’t recommend doing this more than 3 days ahead of time, as it could dry out beyond butterscotch caramel sauce repair. The personal-sized cake won me over. The regular-sized cake won the volunteers over. I loved making (and of course, eating) this cake so much that I’m actually making it tonight for a barbecue I’m going to tomorrow!

About In Natalie's Shoes

I’m a twenty-something food fanatic. By day, I’m working for a non-profit, by night I’m dreaming of becoming a domestic goddess, creating adorable crafts to gift and engineering delicious home cooked meals for the fabulous dinner parties I’ll one day throw. I love to travel, locally, regionally… heck, even internationally, I don’t discriminate too much when it comes to a new destination. I am a little obsessed with taking photos of the food I eat, whether I make it or pay to eat it. It is my firm belief that a girl can never have enough purses or too many shoes. I plan to fill this lovely little blog with my adventures in food, travel, and craftiness. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. You are my new hero. Period! Can’t wait to try this.

  2. Yum! Looks delicious. Thank you, Natalie, for visiting my blog and linking up with “Bloggers from California”. It’s really great to meet a fellow Californian 🙂

    xo, Adriana.

  3. This cake is amazing! I’ve had it before with Reese’s instead of the Heath and it was great!

    Love your blog!


    • Oh wow! That sounds amazing. Peanut butter and chocolate is one of my favorite pairings!

      Thank you for the sweet words! I can’t wait to check out your blog, too!

  4. I am so beyond excited to make this cake!


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