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Wine Country Eats: Murphy’s Irish Pub

I love bacon. Especially crispy bacon with extra cheesy scrambled eggs, and an English muffin. But I digress about breakfast foods. Except the bacon.

Whenever I have friends come into town, the majority of them want to go wine tasting. I really can’t blame them. The Napa Valley is very much synonymous with wine tasting. I happen to be the kind of girl who would much rather go food tasting, than wine tasting (only if I had to choose between the two!). I would hope you would have realized how much I love food by now!

Over Labor Day weekend, my dear friend Kortni came down from Portland to grace me with her presence. This was only her second time to the Valley, and I was determined to whisk her taste buds off their non-existent feet. Obviously, it meant I was going to break out the big guns to achieve this. I started off her trip with a visit to the restaurant I take my favorite people to enjoy one of my favorite meals: Murphy’s Irish Pub.

I stumbled upon Murphy’s a year or so ago with my dad. He had been to the pub many years ago, and suggested we try to find it while we were roaming around the Sonoma Square looking for a place to eat. Initially, we couldn’t find the correct alleyway we needed to walk down to get to Murphy’s, but finally, we prevailed! It’s sort of a hole in the wall, but a very clean and well organized hole in the wall. Sport memorabilia is hung over every square inch of the interior, and the handful of TVs have some sporting event or another on. There is also seating outside, which is nice when the weather cooperates.

Just like the first time I ventured into Murphy’s Irish Pub, I first ordered a tasty beverage (this time it was a Bloody Mary, yum!) and then perused their menu. The only difference was that since my first visit, I never stray from what I order: at least three of their famous House Sliders. I was really only glancing at the menu for Kortni’s sake. You can order three, five, or seven sliders. Kortni and I decided to split five, since we were going wine tasting afterward, and didn’t want to be too full. The options for your sliders are listed on the menu as follows:

A: Grass Fed Beef w/ BBQ Sauce, Cheddar & Fried Onions
B: Turkey w/ Jack, Avocado, Chipotle Mayo & Pico de Gallo
C: Mushroom Burger w/ Grilled Onions & Roasted Red Peppers
D: 50/50 Burger (50% Grass-Fed Beef, 50% Ground Bacon) w/ Blue Cheese, Green Onion Dressing & Butter Lettuce

Let’s just take a second, and read the description for “D” over again. 50% grass-fed beef. Totally normal. One might even suggest that it’s “boring” as most burgers have beef in them. But wait! What makes up that second 50% of the burger? Ground bacon, you say? Oh. Man. Yes, this bacon burger is an actual burger, made with bacon; not topped with bacon. Murphy’s knows what’s up.

We finally made a decision on what to order. I’m hoping you have caught on that I do not like mushrooms, so “C” was out of the question for me. However, Kortni does like those gross little fungi, so, we ordered 2 Bs, a C, and 2 Ds. We also ordered a side of coleslaw, in case 5 mini burgers wasn’t enough for us. Hey, we like food.


Front row from left to right: B, D, C
Back row from left to right: B, C, bowl of coleslaw

Gosh, I’m drooling just looking at the picture of our order. YUM! The turkey burger (option B) is very tasty and much lighter compared to the 50/50 burger (option D). The 50/50 burger is rich and smokey. For a girl who normally doesn’t like very smelly blue cheese, I don’t even mind it in this pairing.

Obviously, the bar has other delightful sounding dishes on its menu. In fact, if you have room, I highly recommend the Bread Pudding which is served with an Irish Whiskey Caramel Sauce. I’ve been known to order it to go since I usually can’t even try to begin eating it after three sliders and a pint or two. For those wondering, it does reheat nicely. As for other entrees, I really can’t speak for them, as these sliders are just too delicious to be passed up!

If you are in Wine Country, and dare to venture to Napa Valley’s competition, check out Murphy’s Irish Pub as you’re wandering around the Sonoma Square. You will not be disappointed!

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I’m a twenty-something food fanatic. By day, I’m working for a non-profit, by night I’m dreaming of becoming a domestic goddess, creating adorable crafts to gift and engineering delicious home cooked meals for the fabulous dinner parties I’ll one day throw. I love to travel, locally, regionally… heck, even internationally, I don’t discriminate too much when it comes to a new destination. I am a little obsessed with taking photos of the food I eat, whether I make it or pay to eat it. It is my firm belief that a girl can never have enough purses or too many shoes. I plan to fill this lovely little blog with my adventures in food, travel, and craftiness. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hi Natalie!Found your bog through BBN and it’s an enjoyable read. Can’t wait to read more from you 🙂


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